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Welcome to Kestrel!


Welcome to Kestrel class!

Your class teachers are Miss R Parks and Mrs C Burman (Thursday afternoons) and your TAs are Mrs Denton and Mrs Wick throughout the week. 



It's the summer term!  It's a longer term and full of fun and fascinating things to learn!

Our topic is, "Rainforests: How can we help?" and the children will be exploring the habitats, creatures and environmental issues of the world's rainforests, focusing on the rainforests of Asia.  They will be writing persuasive texts, poems, adventure stories and post cards with this topic in mind.  We are also linking science, art and PSHE through this topic, exploring plant life, evolution and adaptation, sketching animals in proportion, mixing media and environmentalist issues.



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  • Swimming this half term will be on Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. 
  • Please make sure your child has the full swimming gear in school every day, as days and times are subject to change with the weather!
  • Each child needs a summer P.E kit in school - which is a white tee-shirt, dark shorts or bottoms and trainers. 
  • A water bottle is required every day for this lovely warm weather. 
  • Spelling tests will be on Thursdays. Please practice them at home with your child.
  • Please ensure homework logs are handed in every single week, even if homework has not been done that week. I also expect to see their reading records weekly.




Methods of calculation

What have we got up to?


Kestrels enjoyed a trip to the Anthropology and Archaeology museum in Cambridge this week.


They had a great time looking at artifacts of rainforest peoples, which they have been learning about, and the ways people survived and adapted to extreme climates, including rainforest, desert and the arctic.


It was also a chance for the children to experience looking around a museum and discovering interesting things about cultures around the world. The Japanese and Dia de los Muertos exhibits were particularly popular.


I was very proud of Kestrel class's enthusiasm, exemplary behaviour and teamwork.  It was a very enjoyable trip for everybody! 


Thank you to our parent volunteer who came with us, it helped everything run more smoothly!



This half term Kestrels have been working hard to learn a times table a week and to practise using written methods of division. All of year 3 have started using or begun to master the "chunking method" (Method 2 in the division photos) and seem to prefer it to the numberline.  Year 4s have begun to use the "bus stop method", a photo of which will be up shortly. 


I have reminded Kestrels of the expectations by year group as far as times tables go.

By the end of year 2, they should know their 2x, 5x and 10x table.

By the end of year 3, they should know their 3x, 4x, 6x and 11x table

By the end of year 4, they should know their 7x, 8x, 9x, and 12x table.


Please, please help your child to learn their times tables. Knowing these by heart and being able to recall them quickly is invaluable to their learning. It helps them to progress more quickly with problem solving and multiplying and dividing larger numbers.




The children have had a lot of fun writing haikus, cinquains and persuasive letters against the deforestation of the rainforest. You are invited to see their work on the wall in our classroom. 


This half term we are wrapping things up with adventure and mystery writing and playscripts. They have enjoyed reading the Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith and are rearing to go with their quests to cross the rainforest safely!


We are doing a lot of work revising spelling rules and sounds and the children are starting to iron out common errors in their writing.

When reading with your child, please make sure that they take note of any 'th' and 'f' and 'ph' sounds. A lot of children are still writing "th" as "f" as in, "fink" and "healfy".  Emphasise the tongue going through teeth, which seems to help! 


There are also some children that are not doing their spelling homework - please make sure that they practise spellings a little bit every week.

Writing for purpose

History and Geography

Our new topic, "Rainforests: How Can We Help?" is dealing with the geography of the Tropics, focusing on the Amazon rainforest. The children will learn about the ecology of rainforests, the habits and food chains that can be encountered there and about rainforest conservation.



Making sense of the world through History and Geography

In Art with Mrs Burman, the children are learning how to sketch animals more accurately, using proportion. They will be able to draw animals both more scientifically and with their own drawing style as illustrations. 

Researching, Testing and Creating art resources and final pieces


The children will be looking at Plants and Animals - how they have evolved and adapted to their habitats.

Then after half term they will be exploring forces.

Investigations across Science



This term the children will be playing a lot more games outside, from Tennis to Cricket and, of course, Athletics!