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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


It's hard to believe that we are in to the final half term of the school year - the time has flown by! These last few weeks are a busy time and there is lots to to look forward to.

We continue with our whole school topic of Africa right up to the end of the year. This half-term we will think about Ghanaian clothes and food and we will also look at African animals.


PE continues on a Tuesday with Mr West and he will work outside on athletics skills ready for sports day. The rest of our PE will be swimming. This will usually be on Mondays and Thursdays, but please remember that we sometimes need to be flexible and change our days so your child needs a swimming kit in school every day. 


As the weather starts to warm up, help your child to stay happy and healthy at school by sending sun hats and water bottles each day. It would also be helpful if you could apply sun cream before they come to school - school staff are not allowed to put sun cream on children and when the children do it themselves they are less likely to fully protect themselves. There are products available that last all day. If you would still prefer your child to put on their own sun cream before lunch it would help if the bottle is named and if you could show your child how to use it safely. 

Weekly update - Friday 13th July

Another busy week in Kingfisher Class with the popular theme of food! Last week we started to think about different food being grown in different countries depending on the climate. We found out about a clever idea called 'bag gardens' which help people in Africa to grow their own food successfully. This week we have looked at food that we eat in the UK and found out about some Ghanaian dishes. 


To begin the week we tasted the potatoes we had grown in the Kingfisher garden. With a little butter and mint, they were delicious! On Tuesday we learned about a food that would grow very quickly compared to our potatoes which took ages. We all sprinkled some cress seeds onto cotton wool, watered it and predicted what would happen next. Year 1 thought about what plants need in order to grow and helped to set up an experiment to test if they were right. Next week we will be able to taste our cress. On Wednesday we followed two Ghanaian recipes - one for a cous cous salad and one for a beetroot salad. We used lots of different food preparation skills such as using the bridge method to cut with a sharp knife, using a juicer, snipping herbs with scissors and measuring out ingredients. Finally we enjoyed our African feast and everyone tried at least some of the food.


Thursday of course was TRIP DAY! We had a fantastic day at The Wild Place and everyone learned some new skills. We learned how to build shelters, whittled sticks using potato peelers, cooked dutch pancakes on an open fire and toasted marshmallows on mini fires. The children were dirty, dusty and smelled of smoke but hopefully came back full of enthusiasm for their day out.


Tasting potatoes

Tasting potatoes 1
Tasting potatoes 2
Tasting potatoes 3

African feast

African feast 1
African feast 2
African feast 3

The Wild Place

The Wild Place 1
The Wild Place 2
The Wild Place 3
The Wild Place 4
The Wild Place 5
The Wild Place 6
The Wild Place 7
The Wild Place 8
The Wild Place 9

Useful documents and information

What else have we been up to so far?

Staying for school lunch

Staying for school lunch 1
Staying for school lunch 2
Staying for school lunch 3
Staying for school lunch 4

Learning through play

Learning through play 1
Learning through play 2
Learning through play 3
Learning through play 4
Learning through play 5
Learning through play 6
Learning through play 7
Learning through play 8
Learning through play 9
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel 1
Whoops-a-Daisy Angel 2
Whoops-a-Daisy Angel 3
Whoops-a-Daisy Angel 4
Whoops-a-Daisy Angel 5

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