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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Welcome back! I hope that you all had a great time during the Christmas holiday and that you enjoyed spending time together. The children have come back to school with lots of news and bursting to tell each other about their presents.


The Spring term is shorter than the Autumn term but we still have lots to look forward to.

Our Topic this term is Vehicles, so we will be learning all about different ways that people travel from one place to another. 


We are also lucky to have a trainee teacher working with us from Monday to Wednesday all term. Miss Smith is on an Early Years course but is coming to us with a focus on Key Stage 1 so will be doing lots of work with the Year 1 children.


Our PE days continue on Tuesdays and Fridays - so please make sure children have their kits in school ready to get active!

Weekly update - Friday 2nd February


With only a week to go until half-term we have been busy trying to fit in lots of learning about our topic. Our theme for the last two weeks has been 'On the road' and we have focused on vehicles that travel by road. We found that we could name at least as many vehicles as there are children in our class!


We enjoyed the story of Mr Gumpy's Motor Car and practised our phonics skills to write speech bubbles to show what the different animals might have said when Mr Gumpy asked them to push the car. We have also looked at some non-fiction writing about vehicles - thinking about 'true facts' that we know and looking at labelled pictures. We again put our phonics to good use to carefully label the parts of different vehicles. 


We began our junk model wheeled vehicle project - the children have got some really great ideas. We are hoping to have them all finished in time for Open Afternoon next Friday. We have learned lots of different techniques for preparing our materials and now just have to join the different parts together. Lots of children are starting to transfer these skills to Explorer Time learning and are making additional models by themselves!


In phonics we continued to learn vowel digraphs and trigraphs - oo, ar, or and ear.


In Maths we completed our Measurement work by looking at capacity and the related language such as empty, full, half-full, nearly empty, holds more, holds less. We are now working on addition and subtraction skills. We pretended to travel by bus, finding out how many children were on the bus after some got on or off. We are also starting to think about how to add by counting on - putting one number 'in our head' and counting on the rest with fingers or objects.


Our music work this half-term has been based around a train journey. We have explored the sounds of different instruments and listened to a piece of music describing a train journey. We have learned how to be the conductor of a small orchestra, using hand gestures and signals to tell the musicians what to do. The children have created some lovely music and shown off their skills well.


Year 1 have been working hard in English to learn about ways to improve their story writing. They have found out about using 'ed' endings for past tense verbs, interesting words to start and join sentences, and how stories are structured. They will put all this new knowledge to the test when they write their own stories next week.


In Maths Year 1 have been learning how to represent addition problems using the 'bar model'. They have also been using Numicon to add two numbers. They will now move on to using the same strategies to help with subtraction problems.


For their topic focus they have been looking at the history of cars and finding out how cars have changed since they were first invented. They have used vocabulary such as old, new, past, present, future, early, later to talk about vehicles and have used a timeline to sequence pictures of cars.


Year 1 have also been working on a junk model project with Miss Smith. They started with a design process, chose materials carefully and looked at how wheels and axles work. They are now starting to construct their vehicles using a saw to cut dowel for axles and a glue gun when needing a strong join. The aim is to create a vehicle which shows others how wheels and axles work.

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Weekly update - Friday 19th January

Our focus for the last two weeks has been trains - particularly focusing on the story 'The Train Ride' by June Crebbins. We have enjoyed tapping out train rhythms and saying words in rhythm too. We have talked about the different sorts of environments seen from the train window, thinking about the differences between cities, towns, countryside and seaside and what might be found in each environment. We have also each written a page for our own whole class Train Ride book. The children were very excited about the opening of our own train station in the classroom and have been enjoying role playing ticket sellers, ticket collectors and passengers. It has also been good practice for using money - counting out 1p coins to pay the correct amount for a desired ticket.


In phonics we have started learning vowel digraphs and trigraphs - ai, ee, igh and oa. We have been reading and writing words containing these graphemes. We are already starting to use these in our writing.


Our maths focus at the moment is Measures - length and weight so far. We have been using language such as longer/shorter, longest/shortest and heavier/lighter to compare objects.


Year 1 have also enjoyed a geography focus linked to 'The Train Ride'. We have looked at Google Earth and compared London and Hauxton, and have sorted geographical features into city or countryside.


In English we are working on skills to support story writing. We have learned about adding 'ed' to verbs when writing about the past and started to include these in sentences. In phonics we continue to learn alternative ways of writing vowel phonemes - finding that ue, u_e and ew all make the same sound.


Maths work has had a time focus. We have practised telling the time to o'clock and half-past, found out about seconds, minutes and hours as measurements of time and used time language such as faster, slower, before, after, earlier, later.

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