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We are taking part in the 100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge – a national reading initiative from education charity Achievement for All. Beginning on World Book Day (Thursday 1st March 2018) all children and young people involved in the challenge will try to collectively read for 100 million minutes! Find out how you can help to eradicate child illiteracy and brighten futures at

Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Our PE days continue on Tuesdays and Fridays - so please make sure children have their kits in school ready to get active! In the Summer Term we will start to have PE lessons outside so please make sure that your child's plimsolls/trainers fit and are easy for them to put on by themselves.

Weekly update - Easter holidays


This half-term went by so fast and the holidays are here already! We have had great fun with our traditional tales topic. The children have really practised their storytelling skills and have used these in role play and when playing with small world figures. There has been loads of great art work related to the different tales and some super construction work to build houses, castles and bridges. We have also made a whole class beanstalk and each child has made their own sock puppet troll.


There has also been lots of amazing writing linked to the topic - we have written speech bubbles for characters from the Three Billy Goats Gruff, a letter from Goldilocks and sentences to match pictures from The Three Little Pigs. The children are using their phonics skills and high frequency word knowledge more and more confidently in their writing now.


In phonics we are now beginning to revisit and recap the vowel phonemes/graphemes that we learned this term. So far we have revisited ai, ee, igh, oa, oo and ar. I hope that you find the new phonics 'bookmarks' useful in supporting your child's phonics skills.


In Maths we have spent a couple of weeks working on 3D shapes. We have named cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones and pyramids. We have also used vocabulary such as face, edge and vertex/vertices as well as 2D shape names to describe 3D shapes.


Year 1 have worked hard on English skills this half-term, benefiting from lots of small group attention from Miss Smith. They have learned about writing lists using commas, made their writing more interesting with adjectives (describing words), written speech bubbles for characters, sequenced sentences from stories and used the story structure of beginning, middle and end to plan and write their own version of The Three Little Pigs.


Maths work for Year 1 has been all about multiplication and division as well as work on fractions. They have learned and used lots of new vocabulary and concepts such as multiply, divide, sets of, lots of, groups of, half and quarter.


In Science Year 1 have learned about materials and their properties, linking in to the materials used by the three pigs when building their houses. They have worked scientifically to make predictions, carry out a fair test and explain their observations. They have also considered why different materials are used for different jobs based on their properties.


Phew - no wonder we were all ready for a holiday!


Enjoy the Easter break and I look forward to seeing everyone back happy and healthy for our final term of the school year. 


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