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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


So there we are - half a term gone already and we've hardly even blinked! It's been a busy seven weeks and the children have all grown and changed in so many ways. We can now look ahead to the next half term - and it's going to be packed with new experiences, including the excitement of the Nativity play.


Our topic will be 'Celebrations'. We will look at a number of festivals and occasions which are celebrated by people of different faiths and look at similarities and differences between these celebrations. We will look at Bonfire Night, Diwali, Eid, Hanukkah and of course Christmas.


Our PE days continue on Tuesdays and Fridays - so please make sure children have their kits in school ready to get active!

Weekly update - Friday 20th October

Our 'People who help us' theme moved on to people who help us in every day life. We found out about a range of occupations and what they entail. Our main focus for role play was being a post person delivering letters to 'Kingfisher Road' in our outdoor area. The children practised matching numbers and pictures, naming characters from the Oxford Reading Tree books and reading characters' names to deliver letters to the right houses.


We also continued the Harvest theme from last week. Year 1 created fruit and vegetable faces after looking at the work of the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, whilst Reception children tried to draw some of the produce. Mrs Cooke retold the story 'Stone Soup' and then the whole class helped to prepare vegetables to make our own vegetable soup (minus the stone!). At the end of the day we all enjoyed a bowlful of yummy soup, with most children scraping their bowls clean.


In Phonics we continued with the phonemes o, c, k and ck. 


In Maths we worked on adding two sets of objects together by combining the sets into one group and counting all of the objects. We used the vocabulary 'and', 'add', 'makes', 'equals' and 'altogether'. Year 1 learned how to use a number line to add two numbers rather than having to count out large amounts of objects which can be tricky to count accurately.


For many Kingfishers though, the highlight of the week was the HSA Halloween Disco! There were some fantastic costumes - some children could hardly be recognised. There was great fun in the 'wrap a mummy up as a mummy' competition, with Emily's mummy bravely letting us cover her up with toilet paper (see photo below).

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Weekly update - Friday 6th October

Another week has gone by in a flash - but we have managed to fit in so much learning this week.


In our topic sessions we started to think about people who help us to stay well and healthy. We discussed different reasons for people to visit doctors, nurses and dentists and how those people look after us. In our outdoor area we had a 'pop-up- doctor's surgery and the children got involved in some fantastic role play, checking out ailments, applying bandages and giving out medicine. We also discussed calling 999 in an emergency.


We also started our daily phonics sessions. This week we covered m, a, s, d and t - learning to recognise the letter shapes (graphemes) and the sounds they make (phonemes) and also how to form the letters correctly. Don't forget that phonics and reading will be the focus at the open afternoon on Friday 20th October.


In Maths we have focused on 2D shape. We have named and sorted shapes and started to describe the properties of shapes (how many sides and corners, straight or curved, long and short). We have also had fun making pictures from 2D shapes.


Year 1 have worked hard on handwriting as part of their phonics session and are starting to settle well to independent writing activities. In English we started to look at features of non-fiction texts in preparation for the children writing their own information texts about people who help us. In Maths we recapped our 2D shape knowledge and wrote shape riddles to practise looking at the properties of shapes. In History we started to find out about Florence Nightingale and how she improved conditions in hospitals - we will continue to find out more about her life over the next two weeks.

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What else have we been up to so far?

Staying for school lunch

Staying for school lunch 1
Staying for school lunch 2
Staying for school lunch 3
Staying for school lunch 4
Staying for school lunch 5

Learning through play

Learning through play 1
Learning through play 2
Learning through play 3
Learning through play 4
Learning through play 5
Learning through play 6
Learning through play 7
Learning through play 8
Learning through play 9

Weekly update - Friday 29th September 2017

The children have all done really well with the demands of staying at school for the whole day and have enjoyed the extra time to learn. They have particularly enjoyed their PE sessions with Mr West and myself - learning some new games and practising moving in different ways with control.


Our theme for the week has been birthdays. We were visited by a set of soft toy 'birthday friends' each wearing a birthday badge showing their ages. We put the friends in order of age, gave them birthday cakes with the right number of candles and wrote a birthday card for a chosen friend. We had fun making playdough cakes with matchstick candles. We also used a bucket balance to compare the weight of the birthday friends and their birthday presents.

In preparation for starting phonics next week we also made 'Silly Soup' with objects beginning with 'm' and 'p'. We also played I-spy.


Year 1 have been using a number line to work out 1 more and 1 less than numbers to 20 in Maths. In Science we learned about our five senses and went on a senses walk. We recorded some of the things we saw, heard, smelled and touched by drawing and writing in a simple grid.



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