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Welcome to Kingfisher!


It's hard to believe that we are now into the last half-term of the school year - where did the time go?!

This half-term is full of fun and exciting opportunities - and that's on top of all the fantastic learning to come relating to our topic 'The Sea'. Year 1 learning logs for this topic can be found below. This half-term's 'learn by hearts' for Maths are also below.


From Monday 19th June we will get properly into the swing of swimming lessons in the school pool. We will have at least two sessions a week - on Wednesday and Thursdays - in addition to the usual PE session with Mr West on a Tuesday afternoon. Remember to send back swimming kit dry each day in case we get extra opportunities to go for a dip.


Weekly update - 30th June

This week we have been following up on last week's 'Happy, healthy week'. After thinking about our bodies and how we look after them we have had a whole week of thinking about what we put into our bodies and how to make healthy choices in what we eat.


In both our Literacy and Topic work we have used the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's picnic'. The lighthouse keeper's wife makes fantastic picnics but they are full of sugar and not very healthy at all!


We started the week by thinking about the food we enjoy in our own family picnics. We then learned about sandwiches and how they can be a healthy choice. We watched Mrs Cooke make her lunch, sequenced pictures to show how to make a sandwich, read instructions and matched them to the pictures. We then had the chance to make our own sandwiches, following the instructions that we had put in the right order. We chose from chicken, tuna or cheese and most children added some cucumber or tomato too. Everyone ate up their whole sandwich and gave their efforts a '10 out of 10'!


On Thursday we had a session with Premier Sport, thinking about nutrition and how to choose foods with less sugar. We followed this up in our Literacy session by writing a letter to Mrs Grinling (the lighthouse keeper's wife), giving her some advice on how to make her picnics healthier.


Finally on Friday we looked at pictures of recipes that use fruit. We talked about different ways of preparing fruit - peel, chop, slice, mash - and how fruit might be presented. We wrote our own simple recipes including three different fruits prepared in different ways. After lunch we then had great fun following our own recipes and producing a fruit dish each. We ended the afternoon with a picnic outside, when we also tasted the potatoes we have been growing since Easter - lovely with mint (also from our garden) and a little butter.


In addition to all this, Year 1 have also been working on writing detailed instructions numbering each step and using time connectives such as next, after that, then. In Maths they have been learning about capacity and the standard measurement of 1 litre - luckily they were able to work outside as it involved lots of water! They have also spent the week working on programming in Computing. They have used Scratch Junior on the Ipads and made short animated stories using the different commands. 


All in all a tasty and fun week - with lots to learn about the food we eat. Have a look at the photos below to see just how much the food was enjoyed. Some of the Year 1 capacity work can also be seen.

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