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Welcome to Owls!

Welcome back everyone!

We hope that you all had a lovely holiday and are raring to go!

We have lots of exciting things planned, so have a look at the Topic plan and your Learning Log for this term.

You will also notice a Hauxton Learn by Heart document. These are mathematical concepts children should know by heart. Hopefully some of the suggested activities are an easy way of practising Maths little and often!

Finally, the Owls' riddle this week is - What are two things you cannot have for breakfast? Let Mrs. Stewart or Mrs. Holder know your answer.



Some of our fireworks poems. Can you spot the onomatopoeic words, alliteration and similes?

Some of our fireworks poems. Can you spot the onomatopoeic words, alliteration and similes? 1
Some of our fireworks poems. Can you spot the onomatopoeic words, alliteration and similes? 2
Some of our fireworks poems. Can you spot the onomatopoeic words, alliteration and similes? 3
Some of our fireworks poems. Can you spot the onomatopoeic words, alliteration and similes? 4

Have a look at some of our learning

Have a look at some of our learning 1
Have a look at some of our learning 2
Have a look at some of our learning 3
Have a look at some of our learning 4

What a busy and HOT week it has been! Everyone has worked so hard in Maths, where we have been learning addition facts and about money. Many of the children knew why they liked money and why it was useful!

We have also been working hard in English and have written some very amusing stories based on The Tiger who came to Tea. There was even a donkey in class causing all sorts of bother! Have a look at some of the examples of stories we have written.

Ask your child about Five A Day. It is a five minute daily exercise routine which we all love doing.

Finally, the riddle for this week is - What has eyes that cannot see, a tongue that cannot taste and a soul that cannot die. Let Mrs. Holder or Mrs. Stewart know your thoughts.

Owls has enjoyed Roald Dahl day at Hauxton Primary. They created their own version of George's recipe to cure a cranky old Grandma. We also had some fun in the sun with Mrs Jackson. Well done Owls, you showed great co-operation during our Games lesson. In topic, we measured some of our body parts. We also drew around our hands, cut it out and decorated them to encourage self awareness.

Riddle of the week:

What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

When an unusual visitor comes to tea...

When an unusual visitor comes to tea... 1
When an unusual visitor comes to tea... 2
When an unusual visitor comes to tea... 3
Please note that children choose one column to learn for Spelling. Well done to those children who learnt all three this week!

Friday 23rd September 2016

This week, Owl class learnt about mountains, spent lots of money and tasted haggis, tatties and neeps!

As part of our topic on 'Where I live', we looked at the landscape of Scotland, listened to the bagpipes, looked at Stewart tartan and listened to Scots language.

In Maths, we have been measuring and learning about money. These are areas you can practise at home so get measuring and spending!

We have written some wonderful descriptive stories about our favourite toy. The comic strips describing how we lost our favourite toy were quite harrowing!


This week's puzzle - What goes up but does not come back down?

Mountain creating, haggis tasting and money making!

Friday 30th September

This week Owls continued practising their skills in measuring, we have measured the hall, our hand spans, our pencils, rulers, glues and even some leaves from our garden. We are also learning to tell the time and Year 2 solved some money problems using the bar model.

In topic we have been focusing on rivers and we discovered that rivers start in the mountains and flow to the sea. We have also been learning about the Loch Ness Monster and wrote our own descriptions.

We also read 'Whatever Next?' by Jill Murphy and wrote our own stories.

Riddle of the week:

What is the easiest way to double your money?


 From this week Year 1 will get some spelling words to practise at home. They will write a spelling test on Fridays.

Friday 7th October 2016

What another busy week we have had. Well done, Owls, for all your hard work and enthusiasm!

We had a special visitor in class talking about where she is from. Miss Bateman came into class and showed us (and even read to us) Harri (that is how it is spelt!) Potter in Welsh. We learned about some of the geography of Wales and even tasted some delicious Welsh cakes. By the time Mrs. Stewart came round to take some photos of us tasting the Welsh cakes, they were gone!

We all had a walk around Hauxton village, armed with clipboards, to take notes on the area. As part of our topic, we are writing information books on Hauxton. So far, we have written about the school and the houses of Hauxton.

In Maths, we have been learning about doubles and the related halves, symmetry and subtraction. Do you all know your Learn By Hearts? These will make learning harder concepts easier!

The riddle for this week is - What has to be broken before you can use it?


We learned about Northern Ireland and the story of the giant, Finn MacCool.

Friday 14th October

Owls have been working hard on producing a booklet about Hauxton Village.

We have also discovered that canals are man-made whereas rivers are natural. We were amazed by the lovely river Cam and looked at all of the interesting bridges. In our back garden, we turned into nature detectives. We discovered a very hairy caterpillar and lots of other clues that indicated that there might be some wild animals and insects.

Riddle of the week of this week: What has a single eye but can not see?

Wednesday 19th October 2016

These are the Learn by Heart targets for this coming half-term.

Friday 21st October 2016

What a busy last week of half-term Owls have had. We have written a story about a dragon, designed posters on how to be safe now that the nights are closing in, written anthems for Hauxton school (after listening to the national anthems of the countries of the UK) and written poems about fireworks.

We also had some special visitors in our classroom on Friday afternoon! It was lovely to see some of the mums, dads, grannies and grandpas in our classroom to show them all our wonderful work.



Some of our fabulous firework poems. Can you spot the alliteration, onomatopoeic words and similes?

Some of our fabulous firework poems. Can you spot the alliteration, onomatopoeic words and similes? 1
Some of our fabulous firework poems. Can you spot the alliteration, onomatopoeic words and similes? 2
Some of our fabulous firework poems. Can you spot the alliteration, onomatopoeic words and similes? 3
Some of our fabulous firework poems. Can you spot the alliteration, onomatopoeic words and similes? 4

Friday 4th November 2016

Welcome back Owls! We started this half term with a new book-‘Oi get of our train!’ by John Burningham. We learnt about some endangered animals and their habitats and were surprised by how careless humans can be.

Did you know plants make their own food? We discussed producers, consumers, predators and prey and designed some food chains.

In Maths, we recognised, named and sorted some 2D shapes. 

Just for Fun:

Q: Why do fish live in salt water?

A: Because pepper makes them sneeze!


Recognising some shapes in our class

Learning log for Autumn 2 

Friday 11th November 2016

This week we have all enjoyed reading The Magic Bed by John Burningham and writing our own stories based on the book. Many exciting adventures were had! We also looked at the book, Would you Rather by John Burningham. The children had to make some very tough choices. Would they rather be made to eat spider stew, slug dumplings, mashed worms or drink snail squash?!

In Maths, we have been ordering numbers and looking at odds and evens.

We had a very royal visitor in school this week. Queen Hauxton made a grand appearance and was looking for some staff to work in her castle. We used role play to act out the jobs that people in a castle would undertake. Poor Mrs. Wick almost had her head chopped off for insubordination! We wrote down our interview questions on iPads (jumped ahead a few centuries to do this!).

Role playong castle roles

Role playong castle roles 1
Role playong castle roles 2
Role playong castle roles 3

Friday 18th November

This week we turned into pirates, we looked for treasures and lost our maps! Luckily we all got the treasures in the end! We based our pirate adventures on a story by Maxine Lee called Pi-RAT! After all the fun we enjoyed writing our pirate stories.

In Maths we have been using number lines and number squares to add and subtract numbers.

We learned about Motte and Bailey castles and drew maps. We also wrote a description of an attack on castle.

Friday 25th November 2016

We have all been very busy this week discussing key aspects of autobiographies and what we should include in ours. Having the photographs to look at has really enabled us to visualise our lives. If you haven't managed to send in some photographs, please do so if you can!

In Maths, we have been carrying out problem solving actives using scales and different items. Does it hold true that smaller things are lighter than larger things? We have also had to put on our 'Mathematical Thinking Caps' in Mental Maths, where we have been discussing maths concepts in 'Number Talk' activities.

Remember that this week's homework is not the usual Learning Log but is the interview sheet on autobiographies. Many thanks for your support. 


Weight investigation

Friday 2nd December

Thank you for sending some photographs in for our autobiographies, we will start to write them next week.

In maths we have been doing lots of addition and subtractions using apparatus like Dienes and Numicon. We have also been doing some problem solving building arrays.

We have been learning about the planets in our Solar system and we had great fun doing some research about our favourite planets!

Friday 9th December 

We are fast approaching the end of term and what a busy term it has been.

This week, we all worked extremely hard on completing our autobiographies. The most important events in our life have been chronicled, we have produced front covers and even in blurb. The autobiographies are in the class library, so everyone can have a chance to read them.

We are studying Earth and Space and carried out gravity experiments, watched the first moon landing, designed our own 2D rockets and even painted planets using crumpets!

This Friday, Year 2 will have a spelling test on all of the words they have learned this term. Don't panic though - just have a quick look through the spelling booklet and practise some of the more tricky words. Year 1, have their usual spelling sheet.


Our 2D rockets

Tuesday 20th December

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember to do some reading in the holidays and Mathletics.

Also, bring in some jars with lids for an exciting experiment we will be carrying out at the start of next term...


Learning Log - Spring 1

Spring Topic Plan

Friday 6th January 2017

Welcome back everyone!

In the past two days, Owls have been very busy with revising money, looking a New Year's Resolutions, writing 'I will not' list poems and creating a mini tornado in a jar because our topic is Weather. Don't worry - tornadoes are very rare in England!

You will notice we have new Learn By Heart targets and Learning Logs for this term. Please practise the maths concepts at home and make sure homework is returned by Thursday at the latest.

Here's is to another happy and hard-working term!

Making mini-tornadoes

Making mini-tornadoes 1
Making mini-tornadoes 2
Making mini-tornadoes 3
Making mini-tornadoes 4
Making mini-tornadoes 5
Making mini-tornadoes 6
Making mini-tornadoes 7

Friday 13th January

We started this week with poems! Owls had great fun writing, reading and listening to poems.

In Maths we have identified 3D - shapes and discussed their properties. If you look carefully you would be able to identify many 3D-Shapes at home!

In Topic we are learning about weather patterns and the UK. Owls have identified their favourite weather and what activities they like to do. We are also working on weather stories!

Friday 20th January 2017

What a busy week we have had in Owls. We have been learning about traditional tales and re-writing them from a different point in the story. We have also been focusing on poetry again and have written some poems which will be entered into a competition, so watch this space...

In Maths, we have been learning about directions and fractions of amounts. We especially enjoyed sharing out the Starburst sweets!

As part of our topic, we have designed houses for different climates and even built some shelters. Not sure if they would survive a tornado though!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Friday 27th January

This week we have been practising describing directions. Hopefully we all can now tell our left from our right! Owls have also been busy telling traditional tales with a twist.. We started from the back and worked to the front! In our topic lesson we finished our seasonal stories.

We also had a visit from Drama4All and the very enthusiastic and energetic Hannah took us on a magical adventure through the land of Fairytales! Not only did Hannah visit, but Mrs.Neilsen talked to Owls about Chinese New Year. We all really enjoyed listening to traditional music, hearing Chinese legends, looking at the book with the dragon, finding out about traditional New Year's Eve food and reading Mandarin writing! 

Seasonal stories

Seasonal stories 1
Seasonal stories 2
Seasonal stories 3


Goldilocks 1
Goldilocks 2
Goldilocks 3

Drama4All Fairytales workshop

Friday 3rd February 2017

What another busy week Owls have had. We have been interpreting data, learning about polar and arid regions, weighing and measuring, continuing with our 'Previously' fairytales and building flood-resistant houses. We have yet to test their flood-resistance...


Building flood-resistant houses

Friday 10th February

This week we started with instructions. We read instructions, followed them and wrote some instructions. In Maths we learned about capacity and data. Owls also won the prize for getting the most marbles! Well done Owls!

How to play Hide and Seek ( Make sure you don't cheat!)

Friday 23rd February 2017

Welcome back everyone! We have had a busy week, as always!

Owls are continuing to focus on instructional writing. If you have time, have a look at home and see if you can find any examples of instruction texts.

In Maths, we have been learning our times tables, so keep practising counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.

You could not have failed notice the mobile unit on the school grounds. We visited the Life Education Unit today and learned about staying happy and healthy. We all very much enjoyed it.



Friday 3rd March 2017

We are extremely proud of Owls this week. Year 2 has shown great focus and determination during SATs practise tests and we are very pleased with their effort. Year1 worked equally hard and did a comprehension test and practised their times tables.

In topic we learnt about life on Antarctica and were pleasantly surprised to hear that you can eat lots of sugary treats there without getting fat because it is so cold that your body will need the energy just to stay warm!

It was World Book Day on Thursday and we enjoyed looking at our favourite books, drawing and describing our favourite characters and then making our characters out of potatoes!

Shakespeare Week Competition Time

Friday 10th March 2017

This week we have moved on from multiplication, in Maths, to division and we have also produced bar graphs showing the favourite pets of the class. On Friday, we completed an online survey on how we get to school and it was lovely to see how a bar graph is used in real life.

We have been learning about materials in Science, using lots of vocabulary to describe the properties of various materials.

In English, we are now learning about letter writing. The focus is on friendly letters and we have written letters to the Queen, our friends and our teachers.

The big highlight of the week was the Celebration Assembly. I am sure you will agree that the children were fantastic. They were so slick that the actual assembly took half the time of the rehearsals!


Writing friendly letters

Writing friendly letters 1
Writing friendly letters 2
Writing friendly letters 3
Writing friendly letters 4
Writing friendly letters 5

Friday 17th March 2017

Owls have been putting their thinking caps on this week in Maths. We have been solving word problems with sharing and grouping, although it was tricky at times we succeeded in the end! We also had another look at telling the time and we are certainly getting better at it.

In English we are still focussing on letter writing and we wrote beautifully presented letters in our neatest handwriting. Great practise for the up and coming handwriting competition during Shakespeare week!

This week in science we have been talking about waterproof and absorbent properties. We tested materials to see if they are waterproof or absorbent and we finally tested our houses for flood resistance. Think we will be going back to the drawing board...

Opening the friendly letters we wrote to each other

Friday 24th March 2017

Owl class has really enjoyed Shakespeare Week, especially dressing up on Wednesday as a Tudor or a character from one of Shakespeare's plays. We learned lots of interesting facts and even had a go at writing a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

The poetry recitals were enjoyed by all the class and a big well done to those children who entered the competition.

Owl class has really enjoyed the Maths Assessments this week and are keen to do more, which is good as more are planned for next week!

Next week's homework is a times tables activity and there might be a test at the end of the week...


Friday 31st March 2017

As part of our unit on play scripts, Owls did some role play and enjoyed being Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In Maths we have been continuing with assessments and Owls have made us really proud!

We also had the opportunity to test our quills that we have made during Shakespeare week and we were all quite pleased with our handy work.

Owls also have a special task this holiday, they have planted some seeds and it is their responsibility to look after them. Good luck and happy growing!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 1
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 3

Testing quills

Testing quills 1
Testing quills 2
Testing quills 3

Friday 21st April 2017

Welcome back everyone! 

We have had a busy return to school - focusing on addition in Maths, writing our own play scripts and learning lots of interesting facts about the Amazon rainforest! 

You should have received a new Learning Log and spelling booklet (Year 2). Please remember to return them on a Thursday for marking.

Also, please ensure that you have your gym kit in school everyday. 

Finally, well done to Bobby for the best cress growth over the holidays - he was our 'Star Grower'!

Summer term - Learning Log

Friday 28th April

This week we have been doing subtracting. The year 1s found the difference between numbers and year 2 have been looking at the column method.

In English we wrote our own ending scenes for traditional stories. We also started looking at some books by Julia Donaldson. In the next couple of weeks we will be looking closely at her style of writing, so it would be great if Owls could read some of her books at home.

In topic we have learnt some new vocabulary and we are learning about all the different animals that live in the different layers of the Amazon rainforest.

Friday 5th May 2017

What another busy week we have had. It has been Science week and we have been learning a lot about materials and products from the rainforest. We also welcomed Mr. Marlow in class, who spoke about algorithms and programming, and Markus Frey, a glaciologist who had been to the North and South pole. It was great fun watching his videos of the penguins and trying on the special clothes he has to wear to keep warm!

As part of our topic on the Amazon rainforest, we learned about transpiration and made our very own mini-rainforest in a bottle. Thank you to everyone who provided bottles and plants.


Science week

Science week 1
Science week 2
Science week 3
Science week 4

Friday 12th May

This week Owls worked hard at problem solving in Maths. We have been focussing on keywords in word problems and the inverse relationship between + and -.

In computing, we used what we have learnt during science week from Mr Macdonald- Marlow to write our own algorithms.

We have read more Julia Donaldson stories- The singing Mermaid, Sugarlump and the Unicorn- and we are now able to re-tell them.

Owls also answered some questions about the Amazon. They will use the information they have gathered so far to write a report about the Amazon next week.

Finally, a huge big thank you to Prof. Love for a fun, informative and hands-on introduction to DNA. We have many budding scientists in Owl class!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Friday 19th May 2017

We have been continuing our work on a famous author, Julia Donaldson, and retold the story of the Singing Mermaid. We looked at the language used, rhythm and rhyme of the text.

In Maths, we have been working on fractions, reasoning and thinking about the relationship between addition and subtraction. It has been pretty challenging, so we need to keep practising these mathematical concepts!

Year 2 will receive a copy of the 200 high frequency words. Please could you practise spelling these at home (not all at once though!).

We have been honing our accuracy in ball skills in PE. Have a look at some of our photos.


Ball skills

Ball skills 1
Ball skills 2
Ball skills 3
Ball skills 4

Friday 26th May 2017

Owls worked extremely hard at assessments this week and they have done really well!

In English we wrote friendly letters and in topic we wrote lovely poems about Toucans! We hope Owls enjoy the well deserved break!

Toucan Poems

Friday 9th June 2017

This week we have written stories based on the Julia Donaldson's book The Singing Mermaid, but this time from the perspective of the 'baddie' Sam Sly.

In Maths, we have been revising telling the time, fractions and times tables. Keep practising at home!

We have also been learning how complicated the English language can be - we have been changing singular nouns to plural and it can be very tricky.


Rainmakers (please note that not all of them were made by the children who are holding them!)

Rainmakers (please note that not all of them were made by the children who are holding them!) 1

Friday 16th June 2017

This week we continued practising time and we revisited 2D and 3D shapes in Maths. We also revisited measure and reading of scales.

In English we tried to persuade everybody to have their next holiday in Brazil and we designed very convincing adverts!

In topic we learnt about the awful devastation that deforestation cause. Deforestation , however can also bring many benefits for rain forests communities. It was fit therefore for Owls to have a lively debate about the pros and cons of deforestation. We end the week by writing a fiery persuasive letter to show our disapproval of deforestation.

We also made our first splashes in the pool this week and thoroughly enjoyed it in the pleasing weather!

Friday 23rd June 2017

The highlight of this week was a trip to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.

As part of our topic on the Amazon rainforest, we spent some time looking at lots of plants found in rainforests. These included: plants that are so waterproof they even repel honey, plants that have slippery flowers, so that when insects land on them they fall in, and are digested by a weak acid and plants that produce a smell that can be compared to rotten meat (thankfully it hadn't flowered yet!).

We also carried out a trail around the garden looking for tree mottos, learning lots of interesting facts about different species of trees.

The sequoia greatly impressed us, standing at 30m tall. That was until we used a trundle wheel to measure the height of General Sherman, which is by volume, the largest known living single stem tree on Earth. It measures a whopping 83.8m tall!

It was lovely to sit in the cooler sun than of late and sketch the sequoia and gather leaves and sticks that had fallen from the trees.

A big thank you to the three mums who gave up their time and were such a huge help with the trip.

Botanical Gardens

Friday 30th June

This week Owls wrote a letter to Mrs Stevens to try and convince her to give us longer breaks. They have certainly persuaded me, I think it will be a little harder to persuade Mrs Stevens.

In Maths we revisited measurement and we used different ways to make amounts of money. We also enjoyed making cuboids using straws and marshmallows! Our fingers got really sticky!

In topic we are learning about different ways of communicating. We looked at the history of printing and are going to try and make our own prints.

Constructing cuboids

Friday 7th July 2017

The holidays are fast approaching but we are all still working very hard, even though it is pretty hot in the classroom!

We learned about Vincent Van Gogh this week and had a go at copying some of his most famous paintings. We also finished our writing competition stories so watch this space...

In Maths, we have been revising money and 2D and 3D shapes. Keep practising when you are out shopping and looking around to spot shapes in the environment.

The most exciting event this week was Sports Day. We all thoroughly enjoyed it; showing super participation, effort and cheering others on. Well done to everyone!

Not Sports Day but our amazing Amazon tree!

Not Sports Day but our amazing Amazon tree! 1

Friday 14th June

This week we learnt more about Vincent van Gogh's art and life. It saddened us that he was so lonely and that people didn't appreciate his beautiful paintings. We used the information that we gathered about him to write a biography. We also copied his amazing sunflowers.

In Maths we revisited adding two digit numbers using different methods: column addition -year 2, place value and partitioning - year 1.

We have also been practising our song for the production. So as always, we have been very busy this week!

There will be no homework for next week as it is our last week of term. We have really enjoyed this year and hope that the Owls will have a fantastic summer!