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Hauxton Primary School

Being The Best We Can Be

Kestrels Yrs 3 & 4

Welcome to Kestrels Class!


Your class teacher is Mrs Parks-Connolly.  We are fortunate enough to have specialist TAs, Mrs Parr, Dr Davis and Ms Chapman-Crisp working in our class this year.



PE Days

Tuesday Afternoons: PE with Premier sport.

Thursday Afternoons: PE with me.


Please come into school in your PE kits on those days. Sometimes the timetable may be subject to change depending on weather and other activities going on in the school week. We will try to notify you of changes in time.





Each week, children are expected to practise spellings, to be tested on Tuesday mornings. Throughout the year we work on a set times table within class. The current times table is in the class window.


Each fortnight there is Maths homework on My Maths.


Please try to listen to your child read at least once a week and remember to log it on Boomreader!

Spring Term


It's been a busy year and we're still going!


In English we have read the weird and wonderful Bird, Mouse, Snake, Wolf by David Almond and we are currently finishing up The Firebird, retold by Saviour Pirotta, which the children have really enjoyed.

Last week we held a trial for Prince Ivan, who was found guilty of both counts of theft and one count of kidnapping!


In History this term we are finishing our learning of the Roman Empire and moving on to Christianity Across Three Empires (Roman, Byzantine and Aksumite).

In Geography we've been focusing on Tourism and Coastal Landforms. We can't look at photos of the coast without identifying headlands, erosion or the sort of beach it is now!

In RE, we've been focusing on the life of Jesus and the lead up to his crucifiction and resurrection at Easter.


In science we learned about how solids, liquids and gasses change state, and about the digestive system. We have carried out experiments with ice and chocolate and this term started with the big question: why it's important to brush your teeth? 
We used eggs to find out!

Autumn Term


In English we have been studying Charlotte's Web by EB White and Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton.

The children have enjoyed both these books, but I think it's safe to say that Arthur and the Golden Rope came out as the favourite!


We have practised writing newspaper articles, poetry, descriptions of settings and characters and written many letters of advice to various characters as they make tough decisions in the book.


In Geography, we have been learning about the Rhine and the Mediterranean Sea, and how Population changes over time.

In History, we have been learning about the Roman Republic and the Romans in Britain.

In RE we have been learning about the Nativity and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

In Science we have learned how sound travels and how scientists classify things into groups, creating our own classification flow charts.


The children have also been learning how to play the recorder in Music!  They're getting really good at counting the beat for different note lengths.





Kestrel Vault - based on Arthur and the Golden Rope. The children brought in special items of magical and historical importance