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Kingfishers Reception & Yr 1

Monday 20th July

Last day today Kingfishers - well done for getting to the end of term! I really enjoyed our zoom call on Friday - it was so lovely to have all of Reception back together before the holidays begin.

You can find English and Maths activities below, and don't forget to join in and have a virtual sports day with the rest of the school. I wonder which house will get the most points?

Week beginning Monday 13th July

Well here we are at the last full week of the year! It seems such a long time since we were all here together, but it has been great to keep in touch through the wonderful work that you have done at home. I am looking forward to seeing your faces when we have our Zoom call on Friday - and the children in school will love to see you too.

It looks as though the weather is going to be better this week so make sure that you get out in the fresh air, and as I'm always saying, stay safe in the sun!

Next Monday will be our 'virtual' Sports Day and I hope that as many of you can take part as possible.

Have a super week.

Alice brought in caterpillars to show us

Look - they are only as long as the end of my finger!

Wonderful work from home

Week beginning Monday 6th July

Wow Kingfishers, you really made the last week on African animals a good one! I have seen so many amazing stories, fact files and artwork - you should be very proud of yourselves.

For the last two weeks of school (!) we will be thinking about food - a subject I know that you all enjoy. I hope that you find it interesting thinking about food in the UK and food in Africa.

Super schoolwork

At home antics

Week beginning Monday 29th June

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of June already - it seems no time at all since we came back after the half-term holiday! I hope that you are continuing to enjoy our Africa topic - I know that I have enjoyed teaching it. This week is our last week thinking about African animals, with some story writing and non-fiction writing to look forward to.

Hopefully the weather will be a bit more bearable in the coming week - those hot days made us all sleepy and uncomfortable. 

Those of you at home are doing brilliantly with your home learning and the grown ups who help you have worked really hard to make sure that you keep on enjoying your learning. Make sure that you give each other a big hug and say 'Thank you' and 'Well done'!

And have a look at the amazing work that others have been doing - at home and at school.

Hard working home learners

Concentration in the classroom

Welcome back!

Goodness Kingfishers - here we are back for the final half-term before the Summer holiday! I hope that you enjoyed a week off from learning and had lots of fun in the sun. My vegetable patch is planted and I can already see where some flowers are going to come on my courgette plant!


We will continue to learn about Africa this half-term. We will find out about clothes, food and animals.


As usual there will be English and Maths activities every day, a set of core curriculum activities each week and a Curriculum Menu for you to choose other learning activities for the rest of the year.


Don't forget to keep any art or creative activities safe - I would love to be able to put some of them up in the classroom to celebrate your learning.



Half-term already?!


Well done Kingfishers and everyone in your families - you have worked so hard for the last five weeks. I know that home learning might not have been easy at times, especially on some of the warmer days that we have had, but you have kept going and tried to do your best. There has been a huge range of fabulous work sent in covering all of the areas of the curriculum - I hope that you have had the chance to look at what others have been doing, just as we would share our learning in class. I was particularly impressed with those who completed the Big Write on Friday - some children worked for over an hour on their 'Surprise' story!


There are no set activities for you to do over half-term - have a rest, spend time with your family, enjoy nature, get lots of exercise and sleep. Of course you can still read, play with numbers and of course if you're really stuck for something to do there might be something on the curriculum menu that you haven't tried yet. If your bean plant is still growing I would love some photos - I am going to plant our class bean in my garden this weekend, along with some potatoes and a courgette.


Take care if you are out in the sun - and remember that it is still strong even when it is behind the clouds (which Mrs Parks-Connelly found out last week!)


Have a look below at some of the brilliant work from this last week of learning.

Last week of learning

'Surprise' stories - Safaa, Sam, Daliah, Grayson, Peter

Surprise story - Ollie

Surprise story - Asha

Wow - had to share this right away!

A stunning mud hunt by Daliah - lots of skills!

Fabulous first week back!

Our class plants

Just a reminder:

Make sure that you have some brain breaks, find lots of ways to do different sorts of exercise and also have some family time playing games, cooking or gardening. You could learn a new skill and maybe there are some jobs around the house that you can do together too. Keep in touch with family or friends through email, whatsapp, facetime or even write them a letter or send them a picture through the post - just remember that you can't meet them face-to-face!


As well as the four daily tasks there are plenty of other learning activities that you can work on regularly:

Read your school reading book 

Practise reading your High Frequency Words (I sent everyone's most recent assessment home on Friday so you will know what they need to work on - remember no sounding out!) 

Practise spelling the High Frequency Words which you can already read 

Practise number bonds to 10

Choose a number between 11 and 19 and do some Number of the Week type activities around that number 

Practise your phonics 

Practise your letter formation

Watch your bean grow and record its progress (write a diary, take photos, draw it, label its parts, measure its height). You will probably need to move it to a larger pot and tie it to a stick to stop it from bending and breaking. Who will grow the tallest beanstalk? Will any of you get beans? I will also put photos of our class bean on the website so that you can see how it is getting on.


I will make sure that there are various resources on this class page which will support this additional learning. Three really useful online resources are phonics play (not tablet-friendly), hit the button (any device) and letterjoin (best on a tablet) - your child already knows how to use these.


Joe Wicks' Daily 9am Workout!

Everyday at 9am, Joe Wicks will be leading a live, 30 minute, fun workout. It is important to stay active during this time. Here is his Youtube Page: 



You should also out our new Hauxton Teacher youtube channel:


Kingfisher's Class's playlist is mainly viewable by clicking this link:


Mrs Parks-Connelly has kindly filmed some stories for you to listen to - why not tune in?


So far she has read "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig",  "A Dangerous Journey", "Maisie Middleton" and "Maisie Middleton at the Wedding".


There will be more to follow!


Under 'channels' you will also see we've followed a Yoga for Children channel, which has loads of nice yoga flows for children based around popular stories, including We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

Three Billy Goats Gruff week

Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Mrs Cooke is your teacher. Mrs Wick, Mrs Cox, Dr Davis and Mrs Wilkinson also work in our classroom.


PE days are Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure that PE kits are kept in school at all times as we sometimes change our timetable to accommodate other events in school. On Tuesdays PE will be taught by Premier Sport whilst Mrs Cooke has designated non-contact time. PE kit is a pair of black shorts, a white T-shirt and a pair of plimsoles inside a designated PE bag.


As the weather starts to get colder and wetter it is really important that your child has a coat in school - ideally waterproof and with a hood. As well as playtime and lunchtime with the rest of the school the children will spend lots of time in the Kingfisher garden which is our outdoor classroom - without a suitable coat your child may miss out on learning opportunities because they are too cold or wet to stay outside.


All parents are welcome to attend Celebration assembly on Friday mornings and then to come along for Buddy Reading afterwards. Your child may receive a certificate for a variety of reasons/achievements. If they are going to get a Headteacher's award or a housepoints certificate they should let you know themselves. The first time I choose them to go into the Golden Book for great learning, attitude, behaviour or achievement I will let you know so that you can see them receive their award. After that they will bring home their certificate as a surprise.  When it is your child's birthday they will celebrate on the Friday of that week.


Please come and see me at the end of the day if you have any questions or concerns.



Update - Friday 6th March


This half-term's topic is 'Once upon a time' - lots of work on traditional tales! We will read, tell, act out and write stories. We will describe characters and settings, draw and paint pictures related to the stories and write for a variety of purposes.


So far we have worked on Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

We have drawn and written items for Red Riding Hood's basket and made a picture story map. We have written captions for pictures from the story of the three pigs and made a Wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf.

We thought about healthy and unhealthy food choices for Red Riding Hood's basket. We have also been on a materials hunt after thinking about the materials used for the three pigs' houses.


In phonics we learned 'air' and 'ure'.


In Maths we have been working on subtraction and 3D shape. We have described shapes and sorted them by how they look and their properties such as whether they can roll or whether they have flat faces.


Last Thursday we had great fun looking at each other's 'Amazing Adjective' costumes for World Book Day. We tried to think of as many adjectives as we could for each costume to see if we could guess the right one.

World Book Day 2020

Where did Naughty Bus end up? (All photos taken by children!)

Other Explorer Time learning

Lots of vehicles - and other learning too

Starting to think about vehicles

Preparing for Christmas

Let Me Do It! - class poem

Yummy school dinners!

Our first few days

Useful documents and information

Old Weekly updates