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Maths at Hauxton Primary School

Maths at Hauxton Primary School

The overall aims are that when children leave Hauxton school they:

  • have a secure knowledge of number facts and a good conceptual understanding of the four operations

  • are able to use this knowledge and understanding to carry out calculations mentally and to apply general strategies when using one-digit and two-digit numbers and particular strategies to special cases involving bigger numbers

  • make use of diagrams and informal notes to help record steps and part answers when using mental methods that generate more information than can be kept in their heads

  • have an efficient, reliable, compact written method of calculation for each operation that children can apply with confidence when undertaking calculations that they cannot carry out mentally;

  • are able, when faced with a calculation, to decide which method is most appropriate and have strategies to check its accuracy. They will do this by always asking themselves: Can I do this in my head? Can I do this in my head using drawings or jottings? Do I need to use a pencil and paper procedure? Do I need a calculator?

Calculation Policy - The Calculation Policy contains the key pencil and paper procedures that will be taught within our school. It has been written to ensure consistency and progression throughout.