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Owls Yrs 1 & 2

Friday 5th July 2019

We have had a very busy and hot few weeks but are managing to cool down a bit during our swimming lessons.

We are enjoying our Inspiring Cambridge topic and are using David Attenborough as our inspiration for some wonderful research into habitats and the tides.

We are also coming to end of the project linked to The Fitzwilliam Museum. The Inspire 2020 project is an art project in which we have studied the painting of Psyche and Cupid. Having spent time looking at the painting and listening to the story we have almost finished our incredible artwork, which we will enter into the competition.

More details can be found here -

If you have time during the holidays, please go and have a look at the painting.


Some photos from our Inspire 2020 project

Thursday 13th June2019

During Science week Owls had great fun designing and building bridges based on the bridges in Cambridge and they have been learning more about  Sir David Attenborough's passion for the natural world. Owls learnt about a special spider and wasp that lives in Costa Rica and used these true facts to inspire them. They then added a bit of imagination and wrote their own version of the story. They also learnt about the importance of earth worms and made encyclopaedia entries.

In Maths they have been practising their number bonds facts to 20 (yr 1) and 100 (yr.2). They have been solving problems using their knowledge of these facts.


Spider and wasp stories

Encyclopaedia entries

Building bridges during Science Week

Friday 24th May 2019

What a busy week we have had - Year 2 sat their SATs and we have been so proud of how hard they worked and how focused they were. Whilst Year 2 did their assessments, Year 1 sat theirs and also worked equally as hard.

The week was mainly taken up with assessments but in our Topic we have moved onto learning about another alumnus from Cambridge University. We learned a little about David Attenborough's life and now we are looking at all the amazing things he has done.



Making 3D shapes in Maths

Making 3D shapes in Maths 1

Learning about the Arctic and Antarctic at the Scott Polar Research Institute

Learning about habitats, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores at the Zoology Museum

Thursday 9th May
Owls have been working hard measuring volume, weight and temperature. They have even invented their own potions and they wrote potion spells with specific measurements including instructions how to make them.
In English we have been reading different stories about feelings. We really enjoyed the word treasure hunt in our garden during which we improved our decoding strategies. Owls wrote beautiful paragraphs describing what it feels like when you lose something precious. They also explored feeling scared and described a dark shadow creating lots of atmosphere.
In Topic we have been inspired by Quentin Blake. We have been researching his life and we have been studying his illustrations, books and art.

Word treasure hunt

Making potions using accurate measurements

Making potions using accurate measurements 1
Making potions using accurate measurements 2
Making potions using accurate measurements 3
Making potions using accurate measurements 4

Magic Potions

Mister Magnolia

Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia

Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 1
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 2
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 3
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 4
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 5
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 6
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 7
Learning Arabic with Will and Virginia 8

Thursday 25th April 2019

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely warm Easter break.

We are so excited to be back and have started learning about weight and capacity in Maths and are writing about feelings in English based on The Dark and The Crocodile who didn't like Water.

Our Topic is on Inspirational Cambridge and you will shortly receive the Learning Log and Topic plan.


Friday 29th March 2019

Owls have been very busy! We found fractions of amounts and shapes. We started a new book called Beegu and we simply love it!. We have made posters to advertise holidays in different climate zones and we have also made suncatchers to celebrate spring.

Beegu-role play

Holiday posters

Making a friend for Beegu

Finding fractions of amounts

We are very good at leaving our clothes tidy when we get changed for PE!

We are very good at leaving our clothes tidy when we get changed for PE! 1

Friday 14th March 2019

Well done to everyone for working so hard during assessment week this week!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the tests and we spent the end of the week designing and building storm resistant houses. We look forward to testing them under more controlled conditions when hopefully Storm Gareth has passed by...

Building our houses

Friday 8th March

This week is World Book Week and Owls had lots of fun. We took part in a book quiz and enjoyed answering questions about our favourite books and stories. On Tuesday we designed our own book covers for our favourite books and wrote and exciting blurb. We wrote traditional stories with a twist and dressed up as our favourite words!

In Maths we did some shopping and we had to find change.

In Topic we researched different climate zones and we were surprised to find out that you get sand storms in deserts.

We practised some mindfulness inspired by our Buddhist unit in R.E.

Researching different climate zones

Practising mindfulness

Practising mindfulness  1
Practising mindfulness  2

Monday 25th February 2019

Welcome back everybody! Hope you all had a restful and fun-filled holiday!

Here are your Learn by Hearts for this half-term.

Friday 8th February

It hardly feels like we have been back for long and already half-term is looming ahead!

We have been extremely busy over the last few weeks and we are excited to share our learning with you in our Assembly on Friday 15th February.

We are coming to end of learning about time in Maths. It is a tricky subject so any practice at home would help (Year 1 at o'clock and half past and Year 2 at o'clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and at five minute intervals if you really want a challenge...).

In English, we have been writing letters to zoos asking for a special animal pet and we have replied to letters written to us by zoo  animals.


Letters to animals

Friday 18th January

We have started an exciting new unit in English about instructions. We have been reading instructions and following instructions, next we will write some instructions!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We named different shapes and described their properties.

In topic we have been learning about all the seasons and we have made a seasonal tree picture.

We have also been learning about materials and their properties in Science and were lucky enough to take part in a Drama workshop where we were superheroes tasked with saving the planet from global warming.

All about 3D shapes

Materials- Natural or man made?

Drama workshop

Happy New Year everyone!

It was lovely to see all the shining happy faces in school today. Lots of news and excitement to be talked about!

We managed to look back to last year and what the future holds, writing New Year's resolutions. Some included eating more fruit, doing more exercise, spending less time on tablets, learning the times tables and alway handing homework in on time!

This term's topic is Wild Weather and we have lots of exciting activities and learning opportunities planned. Watch this space...

Friday 14th December 2019

What a busy end of term we are having! Having spent a number of weeks learning our lines, singing our songs and rehearsing, we performed our Nativity to sell out audiences! Thank you to all the parents and carers who sourced costumes and helped us to learn our lines.

In Maths, we have been working hard on arrays and now we have moved onto division/sharing.  Practise sharing items at home to re-infiorce this learning. Maybe some Christmas sweets?!

We have been reading Julia Donaldson books and using them as inspiration for our writing. She makes great use of adjectives, adverbs, interesting verbs, alliteration and rhyme to draw the reader in. We are trying to do the same too!

Division in Maths

Friday 30th November

We are all excitedly rehearsing for our Nativity and have had a few practices this week already. Please try to learn your lines (if you have lines!). They can be found stapled to the inside page of the reading record.

We have all worked so hard this week on the assessments and have actually enjoyed doing them a great deal!

We also used Lego Movie Maker to animate a story with our mini-mountain model of Ben Nevis as the backdrop.


Movie making

Friday 23rd November 2018

In maths we started with our new topic- multiplication and division. We have been working hard to become more fluent in our times tables.

Owls have been enjoying performing repetitive poems in English. We have been working hard on finding rhyming words and writing our own versions of poems.

In topic we drew a map of the village, made castles using 2D shapes and painted our Ben Nevis mountains.

Village maps

Our mountain range!

Our mountain range! 1

Friday 9th November 2018

What a busy few weeks we have had since half-term. We have now finished our non-chronological reports and we are putting them together in a booklet. We spent this morning writing our contents and glossary, which was hard work using a dictionary! Watch this space for the finished articles...

We have been solving addition and subtraction problems in Maths. Please keep practising number bonds to 10 (Year 1) and number bonds to 20 (Year 2) - this will help speed up the calculations!

We all enjoyed tasting haggis (well, almost all of us!) and learning a bit about Scotland, as part of our Topic on 'Myself and Where I Live'. We are looking forward to learning some Scottish Country Dancing steps in PE too!

Haggis tasting and glossary writing

Our Finn MacCool pictures

Exploring Hauxton Village for our non-chronological report

Friday 18th October 2018

We have been delighted to read Judith Kerr's -The Tiger who came to Tea and other novels as part of the stories with familiar settings literacy topic. Owls wrote lovely stories with all sorts of animals coming to tea and they made lots of mischief together.

In Maths we have been improving our number knowledge and we have been working really hard to improve the fluency of our number bond facts.

We have been learning about castles in topic and we are fascinated by these colossal, impressive buildings. We enjoyed to journey back into time and meet all the different people who used live in these buildings.

Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations


Friday 5th October 2018

The autobiographies are almost finished and what super reads they are! A huge amount of care, thought and effort has gone into their production and we do hope that you will be able to come into class during the Open Afternoon on Thursday 18th October when we will showcase 'Writing we are Proud of'.

In Maths, we are nearing the end of place value. We will shortly be moving onto addition and subtraction so get practising your number bonds to 10 (Year 1) and 20 (Year 2) so that you can recall them without even thinking!

As part of our topic, we have been looking at the river Cam and its bridges. We produced stunning river and bridge pictures using paints and pastels.

Building bridges

River and bridge pictures

Friday 21 September

In English we are still working on autobiographies and we are enjoying sharing funny memories and lovely photos.

We are counting in steps in Maths and enjoyed investigating some patterns prompted by a Maths story. We also used our number knowledge to spot the odd number out.

In Science we decided what is living and what is non-living. We listed the features of a living organism and made up actions to help us remember them. We also compared our bodies and drew a pictogram with the information we gathered.

Counting in steps, Spot the odd one out!

Investigating patterns

Comparing bodies

Living or non-living? A few features to look for- breathing, growing and moving

The start of our autobiography work...

We read a excerpt of Boy by Roald Dahl involving the rather horrid Mrs. Pratchett. After discussing the descriptive language used, we drew a picture and described Mrs. Pratchett. We all agreed that we would not want to buy sweets from her shop!

Mrs. Pratchett

Welcome to our new Year 1s and welcome back to our very old Year 2s!

We hope that everyone had a super summer and are all ready to have a happy, hard-working and fun year.

Our topic this half-term is going to be 'Myself and Where I Live'. We will also be looking at Britain and writing our own autobiographies. In Maths, we will begin with place value. Year 1 will be starting off counting forwards and backwards in 1s from any given number and counting in twos and Year 2 will be counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 from any given number.


General information for Owl class:

  • Please ensure PE kits are kept in school at all times
  • Water bottles to be brought in every day
  • Reading records in school every day. Please ensure that when you read with your child you fill in their record.
  • Homework will consist of a weekly MyMaths activity and a weekly SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) activity. Last year it was fortnightly, so please note the change! 
  • Learning Menu homework - you will receive a sheet detailing additional activities, two of which should be complete each half term. More can be done if you like!
  • Learn by Hearts - please practise these at home with your child. They will be updated termly.