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Autumn Term 2020 - Welcome back from Mrs Cooke

It seems strange to be posting on Owl's page - but I am already starting to feel at home in my new classroom and am getting used to the different ways of working with Year 1 and 2.


This year our PE days will be Monday and Thursday. The children will keep their PE kits in school for the whole half-term unless there is a particular reason that it needs to be cleaned. We will be outside as much as possible for PE (to avoid confined spaces) so please make sure that your child has plimsoles or trainers that they can fasten themselves. They will also need jogging bottoms as the weather starts to cool.


Thank you for making sure that your child has a water bottle in school each day - this is particularly important as we eat lunch in the classroom so use their water bottles as their main drink source.


As ever, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email via the school office.

Week ending Friday 18th September

It's been another super week of learning in Owls - the Year 1 children are doing really well adapting to the need to work more independently and to have a go without checking with an adult first. Year 2 are doing themselves proud too - it's hard to believe they were just starting with me in Reception two years ago!


Our English work has continued to centre around 'Here we are'. We had a fantastic morning on Wednesday using the Owl outdoor area and wild area to really appreciate being outside. The children made collections of natural objects, looked carefully at plants and animals through magnifying glasses and used silky scarves and large pieces of fabric to feel the wind and for dressing up. They then responded to their experience through writing or drawing. I was very pleased to see two of the children spontaneously choosing to write poems about being outside, which led to them being rewarded with the first Headteacher's awards of the year. The photos below capture our time outside.

We then used our experiences to write poems using a simple structure based on the poem 'Out and About' by Shirley Hughes. The children found this trickier than they expected as the structure needed them to be disciplined in their use of language.

Flo created a particularly effective poem which used the structure accurately:

Green grass

blowing in the wind.

New flowers

blooming in the hot sun.

Cute little ants

making nests.

Stripy black spiders

running quickly.

Nice green trees

blowing in the breeze.

Beautiful blackbirds


Two baby blackbirds

snuggling up in their nest.

People playing.

It's so much fun.


In Maths we have worked on place value - thinking about numbers up to 20 for Year 1 and to 100 (and beyond) for Year 2. We have practised estimating and counting sets of objects and have thought about how to represent numbers using a number line.


Our PSHE work continued with the ideas of taking time to consider the reasons why people act in certain ways, being a good listener, working together to find solutions to problems and how to control ourselves (both physically and mentally) when we are upset, angry or annoyed by a situation involving others. The program of work concluded with the introduction of a traffic light system and the acronym SUMO. This stands for Stop (take time to consider what has happened), Understand (think about and accept the feelings involved and why the situation took place), Move On (once the problem is dealt with try not to allow it to affect relationships and activities in the future). There will be some homework to consolidate the work that we have done in school.

Out and About - appreciating the outdoors

























Sunday 10th May

I hope that you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. The sun certainly made it very enjoyable and we also enjoyed lots of scones with jam and cream! Not sure what has happened to the lovely weather.

I am so impressed with all the fabulous work you continue to produce. It is getting a bit harder to do it some days (I know how Innes and Erica feel sometimes!) but keep on trying your best, and remember we are all allowed days when we feel a bit down and lacking in energy. If you feel like that, why don't you change your scene - go outside, play with your toys for a bit or read a book?

Remember that you are all incredible

Missing you all lots.

Mrs. Stewart



A selection of our wonderful work

Wheely Wonderful Words 

Miss Snelling came across this lovely resource, which I thought would be useful for the book we are studying at the moment and, in general, when it comes to descriptive writing.

Hello Owl class!

I hope that you are all well and had a lovely weekend. 

We have been doing lots of baking and going on bike rides together. Need to do lots of exercise after all the cakes we have been eating! 

Thank you to everyone for such fabulous work. I really enjoy seeing all your learning and I especially love to see photos and videos of you all. Some of you have lost teeth, have longer hair and have grown quite a bit! I wonder if we will recognise each other the next time we see each other!

There won't be any activities to complete on Friday because it is a Bank Holiday to commemorate VE Day. There are some nice activities on the BBC Teach website that you might like to do. Link is -

Take care and keep smiling. 

Mrs. Stewart





Sunday 26th April

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. The weather has been incredible but I think rain is forecast this coming week. We put the tent up in the garden last weekend so tonight is the night for sleeping out - wish me luck!

Thank you for all the incredible work you have done. Mrs. Caller, Mrs. Wick and I all miss you so much and can't wait until we are all back together again. Just think of all the new skills you have learned on this unusual adventure though! I know I have certainly learnt a lot.

Stay happy!

Mrs. Stewart



Thank you all so much for a great start back to the Summer Term.

You have all worked so hard and I have been blown away by how incredible your work is - you should be very proud of yourselves! You all deserve a STAR! 

I have included a selection of poems from this week and also a reply from James' Nanny and Gram gram to an email he had sent them. I so enjoyed reading it and I hope you do too. I think it is so interesting to hear about how things have changed. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Remember to slip, slap, slop! It is going to be sunny.

Mrs. Stewart


Sugar Plum Fairy Poems

James' email and reply from his Nanny and Gram gram


Hope you all managed to have some fun during the holidays. It was a strange time indeed, but I know that you will be raring to get back to homeschooling!

You will find the usual daily plan but also, to allow for a bit more flexibility, there is now a learning menu for Science and Foundation subjects that you can choose from. Please select one a day from any of the activities that you fancy doing. I have also attached some extra documents relating to this learning menu and these are highlighted in red on the learning menu. Hopefully it makes sense, but please email me if not.

I am so excited to see all the wonderful work arrive in Owls' inbox. Missing you all so much too.

Mrs. Stewart



We have all been blown-away by the amazing work the children have produced the past 2 weeks. We would like to say a big thank you to all the children and parents/carers for working with us to keep our Hauxton Primary School community learning.  

For over the Easter holidays, we have created a whole school reading and creativity bingo for the children. This is not compulsory but may help keep the boredom at bay. The idea is that they pick a row or column on the bingo boards and have a go at crossing off each activity. Each activity crosses off that one square and they will have achieved bingo when they make it all the way across, down or up.

We would love for you to continue sending us their bingo activities and we will put up the fantastic creations and book choices on the website.

We hope they enjoy the activities and that all of our Hauxton Primary community have a relaxed, positive Easter break.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

From everyone at Hauxton Primary School – Happy Easter! J

Friday 3rd April

Feels strange to wish you all a happy Easter holiday but we hope that you all have as a relaxing time as possible and that sunny days make us all smile!

There will be some Easter holiday activity bingo games uploaded to the Owls' class page. These are not something you have to do but have some good suggestions of activities that can be done at home to try to keep boredom at bay...I know, like Mr. Stewart, a lot of you won't be 'on holiday' so please don't feel any pressure to complete them! I have also uploaded quite a few MyMaths homework activities. Again, you do not have to do them but they are there.

Thank you all so much for the amazing work the children have done. They are all truly missed and we hope that we are all back together very soon.

Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Holder


Thursday 2nd April 

Hello Owls,

I hope you have had a good week and are getting used to the home learning. We are adjusting to it but it does feel very strange at times! 

I am looking forward to seeing all your incredible work this week. 
Keep smiling and stay happy!

Mrs. Stewart


PS Make sure you give everyone who is helping you a big happy smile and a hug too!

Ninja Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Owls! Get ready to improve your Ninja skills! Enjoy being a super Ninja today! Chop Cha!

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Owls! Thank you for the amazing Bear advertisements and other lovely work. I hope you are all still well. Here are today's tasks.

Keep up the hard work Owls! You are doing fantastic!

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Owls! Thank you for your amazing work! I hope you are going to enjoy the tasks I have set for today.

Some amazing work from last week!

Friday 27th March

Thanks for all the great work you did yesterday. 

See the document below for today's work. There are two PowerPoints included for Maths (one for Year 1 and one for Year 2) and one for PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).

I have also recorded the last part of Chapter 8 of Olga da Polga. Excuse my red eyes! 

You can find it here -

Mrs. Stewart






Thursday 26th March

Good morning, Owls!

I hope that you have had a good week. It does all feel very strange to not be at school but I know you will all be working so hard, staying positive and happy.

Hope you enjoy the activities and please let me know if you have any questions. You can either submit the work in one go or  individually. 

Mrs. Stewart


PS I will be keeping a tally of who returns all their work on time each day and adding it to the Ocean Points! 


Dear Owls,

I am sure you are all just as sad as we are that you won't be at school.

You will find on our class page your daily learning activities and extra things you can do at home. There will also be videos to explain things and George, the rabbit, might even say hello!

It won't be the same as the time we have in class but we know that you will all work very hard, stay positive, stay happy and remember your capital letters and full stops! 

Although we won't be able to see you, we will be with you remotely and can answer any questions you have via the class email 

Thank you to all your mums and dads for helping you and us with all your work - you are stars!

We will miss you, our little Owls.

Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Holder



Check out our new Hauxton Teacher youtube channel:


Owl's Class's playlist is mainly viewable by clicking this link:


There are two public playlists available already with PE/Workout videos for children. 

"PE with Joe" will begin live streaming at 9am Mon-Fri, if you fancy starting your morning with exercise!


Under 'subscriptions' you will also see we've followed a Yoga for Children channel, which has loads of nice yoga flows for children based around popular stories, including We're Going On A Bear Hunt!


To see other class's playlists, you will find their links on their class pages.

Investigating materials and their waterproof properties

Meeting the super Snuggley!

The great escape of Olga Da Polga!

World Book Day

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely half-term.

We will continue our topic of Earth and Space, which we are absolutely enthralled with. We are looking forward to studying the works of Chesley Bonestell and learning about Neil Armstrong.

We will also continue our reading and writing based on the book Olga da Polga.

In Maths, Year 1 are revising Place Value and Year 2 are data analysing! I wonder what our favourite fruit will be?!


Thursday 23rd January

In our poetry unit children created fabulous paintings, dances and descriptive list poems inspired by some of the poems we have read.

In Maths children have been using positional vocabulary, above, below, in between, left, right, clockwise anti-clockwise, quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns and full turns to describe direction and position.

In Topic, Owls have been researching continents to make their own little continent book. 

To celebrate Burns Night, we had a wee go at some Scottish country dancing too!

Movements protraying a storm and then a calm sea - Poem ‘Until I saw the Sea’ by Lilian Moore

Position, direction and movement

Scottish country dancing

Monday 13th January 2020

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year!

We have had a busy week so far. We started our new Maths topic which is Geometry, where we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes, position and movement. Can you practise your quarter/right angled turns at home? It is very tricky to get right!

We are really enjoying learning about lots of different types of poetry with Michael Rosen being a firm favourite!

Thank you everyone who has brought in Learning Log homework so far - lots of excitement about our new topic, which is Earth and Space.



Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a wonderful festive season!


Friday 13th December

The children have been enjoying our text -The man on the moon. They invented space products to sell at their souvenirs shop, they have also designed posters to advertise trips to moon and they have met and described many different aliens.

In Maths year 1 are still solving addition and subtraction problems. Year 2 are looking at multiplication and division using arrays.

In topic Owls have used atlases to identify the different continents and oceans. They have also leant about Christopher Columbus and wrote a biography.  

Christopher Columbus

Friday 22nd November 2019

Time is whizzing past and we have just finished our work on the book 'I Want My Hat Back', which culminated in us producing our own little books. They are proudly displayed in the classroom.

We have now started reading "Man on the Moon' and have all had a pleasant visit to the moon. We used lots of descriptive language to describe what we were seeing, touching, smelling and feeling. 

In Maths, we are continuing to solve addition problems in Year 1 and in Year 2 we have moved onto multiplication and division of 2x, 5x and 10x tables. Hit the Button, which can be found online, is a super game to support learning of times tables.

The Nativity has been selected so get ready to get in the Christmas spirit...


Trip to the Moon!

Thursday 14th November

In English we designed our own hats inspired by our text 'I want my hat back'. We have made our hats and left them out for display. Unfortunately one of the hats disappeared and we had to write a police report.

In Maths we have been solving addition and subtraction problems. Year 2 is moving on to multiplication and division.

Police reports about the missing hat!

Look at our amazing hats!

Making hats using our own designs.

Friday 1st November

What a busy start to the second half of this term we have had.

We have carried out some drama based on the book 'I Want my Hat Back' and have also been looking at the different personalities of the characters in the book.

In Maths, we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction and using these strategies to help with problems solving.

We have started a block of Science work looking at humans and animals. Today we learned about the digestive system and produced our own mini digestive systems!


The digestive system

Friday 18th October

We are at the end of a lovely half term. Owls enjoyed doing lots of drama work linked to our new text ' I want my hat'. They showed great improvisation and we enjoyed their imaginative stories. They have also written a news paper report about the mysteriously lost hat.

In Maths we are still adding and subtracting. Please keep practising your number bonds to 10 (yr1) and 20 (yr2). When you feel secure with these challenge yourself with number bonds to 50 and a 100!

In Topic we made a delicious sweet potato and coconut soup!

Making sweet potato soup

Friday 4th October 

What a busy few weeks we have had. We are moving onto addition and subtraction in maths, so please continue practising your number bonds to 10 for Year 1 and to 20 for Year 2.

In English, we are coming to the end of our work on Rapunzel and have written some superb diary entries, potions and wanted posters.

We had a fabulous time with Those History People and have finished our Great Fire of London houses. We are hopeful that the Fire Service will make a visit soon.


Houses and wanted posters

Those History People did an archaeological dig with Owls related to the Great Fire of London

19th September 2019

Owls have been enjoying our text, Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin, so far. We have been engaging in role play and hot seating. Owls wrote a diary entry as Rapunzel, recalling a day stuck in the tower and they have been making a witch's potion!

In topic they have been learning about life in 1666 and they have chosen some interesting jobs that they would have liked to do, like a rat catcher and a gong farmer. They have learnt about looking at evidence from the past and used Samuel Pepys' diary entries to inspire them to write their own diary entries of the Great Fire of London.

In Maths Owls have been working on reading and writing numbers. They have also been looking at different ways to represent numbers.

Music- What sounds can your hands make?

Typing our diary entries

Representing numbers

Great Fire of London diary entries

Potion making!

Class charter work

Welcome to our new Year 1s and welcome back to our very old Year 2s!

We hope that everyone had a super summer and are all ready to have a happy, hard-working and fun year.

Our topic this half-term is going to be 'The Great Fire of London'. We will also be looking at Fairy tales in English. In Maths, we will begin with place value. Year 1 will be starting off counting forwards and backwards in 1s from any given number and counting in twos and Year 2 will be counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 from any given number.


General information for Owl class:

  • Please ensure PE kits are kept in school at all times
  • Water bottles to be brought in every day
  • Reading records in school every day. Please ensure that when you read with your child you fill in their record.
  • Homework will consist of a weekly MyMaths activity (letters with passwords will be issued shortly) and a weekly SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) activity. 
  • Learning Menu homework - you will receive a sheet detailing additional activities, two of which should be completed each half term. More can be done if you like!
  • Learn by Hearts - please practise these at home with your child. They will be updated termly.