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Half term already!

Everyone is ready for a break and I hope that you all have a good rest and give your brain a little holiday too!

After the break we will continue work on the Great Fire of London but will also have some weeks where we work on knowledge and skills unrelated to the topic in RE, Computing and Science.


Don't forget that the Owl Class letter contains most of the information that you will need to know about PE, homework and communication - you can find a copy below - and  keep checking our class page as I will regularly post updates, photos and examples of work.


Owl Class Teacher

Mrs Cooke



Update - Friday 22nd October

There has been so much learning over the last few weeks that it is hard to know where to start!


In English we have continued work on Rapunzel - only finding out how our version ends on the very last day of the half-term. We have written diary entries as Rapunzel at different points in the story as well as planning and writing instructions for 'How to Defeat a Witch'. (See below for some examples)


In Maths we have focused on addition and subtraction skills. Year 1 have been counting on and back to add and subtract small amounts, whilst Year 2 have learned strategies for mentally adding and subtracting 10, 11, 20 and 21.


In Science we continued to investigate our senses with a taste test - exploring sweet, salty, sour and bitter foods. The children were not very impressed by the taste of lemon juice and vinegar! We also used our sense of touch to investigate objects and tried to work out the objects in a 'feely' box with a sock on our hand. Some objects were really tricky when we couldn't properly feel the shapes and textures.


In History we learned more about buildings in London at the time of the Great Fire and found out how to create walls made of wattle and daub. The children were quite relieved to find that we were not actually going to use cow or horse manure in our daub! (Photos below). We also made Fire Safety posters for people living in 1666 with advice such as 'Don't play with a flint and steel', 'If you see a fire shout it loud' and 'Make a human chain to get water to the fire'.


In PE we completed our Great Fire of London dance and performed it for Mrs Stevens and Kingfisher Class.


Rapunzel diary entries

Great Fire of London Art

Making a wattle and daub fence

Update - Friday 24th September

Everyone is well settled in to life back at school and we have been enjoying lots of learning. Our Great Fire of London topic is now well underway. So far we have begun a dance linked to The Great Fire, we have learned about how the fire started and why it spread so easily, we have created a fiery background - colour mixing yellow and red to make shades of orange and we have thought about questions that we would like answered during our topic work. On Thursday we had great fun creating human chains and using buckets of water to try and put out a 'fire' in the Owl's garden. We have also started learning the song 'London's Burning' and even had a go at singing in a round!


In English we have started work on the book Rapunzel. We have had a visit from Rapunzel herself and were able to ask her questions that we had already written. We have described both Rapunzel and the witch.


In Maths we have focused on place value. Year 1 have been practising counting forwards and backwards in ones and in tens. They have also been finding out about tens and ones in 2-digit numbers. Year 2 have also been counting forwards and backwards - but all the way to 100! They too have been thinking about the digits in 2-digit numbers and learning to 'partition' numbers in different ways. They have also been learning to use the < and > signs to compare numbers.


In Science we have been learning about our five senses. Last week we went on a sound walk and this week we used our sense of smell to try and work out what was in the mystery pots. The conclusion was "stronger smells are easier to work out" and "things that we have smelled recently might stay in our heads, whereas we might not remember a smell that we have not smelled for a while."


Next week we have our history workshop to look forward to - don't forget that your child will need to come in costume on Thursday.

Science smell test

Fire fighting

First week back