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Skylarks Yrs 5 & 6

Geometrical Patterns

In art, we have been learning about Geometrical patterns (a repeated pattern of 2D shapes). During the Early Islamic Civillisation, many objects adorned geometrical patterns. Here are a few examples of the amazing prints we created.

Our Geometrical-Patterned bags

Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 1
Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 2
Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 3
Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 4
Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 5
Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 6
Our Geometrical-Patterned bags 7


This week, Skylark Class have been participating in  Bikeability. They have been working hard on their road safety skills and their cycling proficiency. The trainers and both Miss Snelling and Mrs Bradley have been amazed by their great listening, concentration and their ability to support one another. It was a cold week but they didn't let that stop them and we are so proud of the way they represented Hauxton Primary School to our visitors. Thank you Skylarks!smiley

An Act of Remembrance by Skylark Class

This half term, we have been studying the book Varmints. We have written a variety of texts based on the picture book as our inspiration. Here are some extracts from our narrative writing:


"Lurking  through the crowd of drenched varmints, one of them looked and acted strangely. The crowd of varmints looked like mindless drones with their heads were facing the ground There was no colour in the city just black and miserable.Everyone was slumping around . It was always busy. There was always someone in sight." - Noah 



"After the Varmint had gone into the city,he couldn’t stop thinking about the meadow (the bees buzzing, the birds singing and the moles in the dirt) but now he was stuck with this. He hated it! His ears drooped for he had never been so dejected.The other Varmints were just emotionless droids. They were also immense, obese and they had rat tails. Even though the Varmint didn’t like the city, he wandered into a block of flats, hoping he could find one of his own." - Alec


"As he  climbed over  the junk pile - which was on  his rooftop - he overlooked the  city. “Life shouldn't be this way!” he thought. After barging through the junk pile, he scampered to his tap, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw a radiant blob, that was emerged into the tower. Cautiously, he poked it. It wiggled and he walked away in confusion. High up above, on his rooftop, he made his way for the elevator. "- Jenna


"Up on the roof, where the Varmint observed the jars, a blob appeared right in front of him. This StRaNgE, neon- blue ‘THING’ had confused the Varmint greatly. He walked over very nervously and touched the weird little thing without thinking. It moved like any other slime-ball would and it made a noise like any other slime-ball would make. He scanned the horizon but instead of seeing dull blackness, he saw scattered blobs staring back at him as if they were going to explode. For some reason, the Varmint had felt a connection with the sapphire-blue THING. " - Noah


"There was a little, blue, bright blob shining and appearing on the roof, so the varmint stared for a while wondering what it was. The varmint strode over to the … B..L...O...B and poked it. When his finger touched the object, it was like there was  something inside of it- like something poked him back. As he made his way through the garbage, the varmint saw all of these other blobs throwing their roots out. He ran like he never had before not believing his eyes. All of a sudden, the varmint slowed down, becoming weaker and weaker. Coughs and splutters could be heard throughout the city for they had yet to find a cure . " - Imogen


"He trotted back to the roof with his plant. He sat there for hours gazing at the mysterious creatures that came near him and that's when he had hope.Knowing that he could make it ,he sprung into the air and gripped onto the slimy tentacle , but it was too slippery.The varmint flew off, trying to direct himself to the pile of junk.His hand gripped onto the roof and he climbed up and sat there waiting...waiting...waiting until another blob came near. The same thing happened but this time, he was knocked unconscious." - Brandon



"Limbs aching, he  awoke to find he was laying on the floor. All he could see was the faces of the other varmints. He could hear the bees buzzing once more .Was it the meadow? The blobs were gliding away. He didn't know where he was going but it couldn't be worse than the city. Could it? " - Toby




"Was this heaven? He pinched himself. Ow!

This was not heaven. Where was he? This wasn’t a city - this was a meadow. He stumbled on to his feet, greeted his varmint friends and walked over to the edge. This wasn’t just a meadow, this was home. It was his home! He ran smelling all the flowers on the way. But best of all his, plant was there too all healthy and alive. He was definitely home." - Miia





This term, in Science, Skylarks' are learning all about light. We have looked at how we see things and how light refracts. Today, we were investigating the visible spectrum by carrying out three activities to produce rainbows. You will see below some of our discoveries. 

We noticed that rainbows were created when using a prism, a mirror in water and when reflecting light off a CD. This proved to us that light is actually made up of the colours of a rainbow and not white. Here is an explanation by Miia: 'Us humans can not see light as what it really is, we can see light as white but really it is the colours of a rainbow merged together. When light travels through a transparent object, it refracts (bends). Each colour has a different wavelength and a different ability to bend. Red has the least ability to bend and the longest wavelength whereas violet has the shortest wavelength but the best ability for bending. This is how we see rainbows on a sunny yet wet day!


Also, we discovered that the way to remember the colours of the rainbow (as the song doesn't help us) is by either remembering:  ROY G BIV or Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain  (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet)


Finally, to prove that the colours merge together, we created colour spinners, which when they are not spun show all the colours of the rainbow. However, when they are spun, they display white. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Homework Expectations


Reading logs - used to log children's reading with one comment each week. Due in on Wednesdays.

Spelling - 3 activities completed in book. Due in on Monday.

Timestables - Practice timestables for the quiz on Friday.

Mymaths - Activity online is sent out on Wednesdays and due in the following Wednesday. Comprehension - Set on alternative weeks on a Friday and due back in on the following Friday. 

Homework menu - 2 pieces of homework from the menu due in each half term. 

Welcome Skylark Class 2019-2020!


What a fantastic start they have made! Mrs Bradley and I have been impressed with their enthusiastic attitudes and  fantastic team work. 

Some information:

  • Please ensure water bottles are in school each day
  • Please ensure P.E kits are named and brought in on Thursdays and Fridays. Your child must be able to take their earrings out for themselves or if this is not possible, please provide tape.
  • Home learning will be coming home soon with clear instructions and it is expected that every child will read every day.  


We know it is going to be a fabulous year! smiley


Miss Snelling 


SATs are finished!

Today was the final day of assessments for our Year 6. We are extremely proud of their hard-work, maturity and brilliant attitudes!

Well done Year 6! 

Cross-country Running Competition

Cross-country Running Competition 1
Cross-country Running Competition 2
Cross-country Running Competition 3
Cross-country Running Competition 4
Cross-country Running Competition 5
Cross-country Running Competition 6
Cross-country Running Competition 7
Cross-country Running Competition 8
Cross-country Running Competition 9
Cross-country Running Competition 10

On Thursday 2nd May, 16 members of Skylark Class took part in a cross-country running competition. The field was swarmed with runners from lots of schools and a real buzz echoed around the park. Our runners ran amazingly and constantly cheered on both their team mates and other runners. We are so proud of their incredible sportsmanship! 


Swimming Success!

Swimming Success! 1 Our Swimming Champions!

On Friday 3rd May, eight members of Skylark class took part in a Swimming Gala at Melbourn Village College. Due to their determination and fabulous swimming skills, Hauxton Primary School came first!

We are very proud of our super swimmers! Go Hauxton Primary School!

SATs Information Meeting Powerpoint - Please check this again for useful websites!

Here is the SATs Information Meeting Powerpoint. Please check out the useful websites, including a website with past SATs papers that the children can use to build their confidence. Marking schemes are all on there too. 

Thank you for attending.

Just a reminder...


There will be a Year 6 SATS Information Evening on Monday 21st January at 6pm. Please send back your reply slips to the office.

I look forward to seeing you there! smiley

Miss Snelling

Skylarks have settled back in to school routine and hit the ground running with their learning. This term our topic is The Maya Civilisation. In Maths, we are focusing on decimals and percentages and in English, we have been writing balanced arguments. 


Please find attached the Homework Menu, Learn by Heart and Topic Overview. Please can you ensure your child is practicing their timestables, including division facts, and their spellings. 


We look forward to sharing our fabulous learning!





Hello Hauxton Issue 16- December 2018

Super Science!

This half term we have been investigating materials. We have carried out lots of experiments to discover the properties of materials and how materials can change. 

On Monday, we conducted an experiment to show irreversible change. If you would like to have a go at the vinyl glove experiment at home, have a look at our methods! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

The Piano Animation

Still image for this video
In English, the children have been writing the film narrative to The Piano. Here is the animation, which was used to inspire our emotional writing. Below, in the video clips, you can hear some examples.







Hilltop Information Powerpoint

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing! Skylarks have been working extremely hard and have hit the ground running with their learning. Here is a quick peep:



The children have amazed me with their ability to access characters' emotions and write in an emotive way. We have written poetry and letters to our loved ones from the trenches, and created film narrative based on an elderly man's flashbacks of his life.The vocabulary and mature understanding has shone through. We have looked at words like: secluded, desolate, despondent and used lots of figurative language. Next week, I will be uploading pictures, the animation and voice recordings of the children reading their stories, so keep visiting our page! 


History and D.T

In History, we have looked at why, where and when WW1 happened and looked at what life was like on the front line. Over the last few weeks, we have gradually made our own WW1 helmets and created instructions for you to be able to create your own! I must say, they look fantastic!



We have started the year by looking at Place Value and the Four Operations. We are especially focusing on mental strategies to support efficient methods. E.g. Instead of using long multiplication to solve 120 X 20 =, we can figure out 12 X 2 and make it 100 X bigger. It would be great to practise this with your children at home, along with their timestables. Next week, we are delving into division and will practise mental and written methods. The better they know their timestables, the easier division is. 


I want to say a big thank you for all the Homework going on at the moment. We have shared a few bits so far and it is great to see the children's creativity, and eat some delicious food along the way! 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please check back next week.


Miss Snelling 



Happy new school year!

It has been an amazing first few days of the term and I have been warmly welcomed by Skylarks class. With Meet the Teacher evening on Tuesday, I look forward to meeting you all.

Please find our Topic Plan, Homework Menu and Learn-by-heart documents below. 

Miss Snelling


Skylarks in London

Skylarks in London 1
Skylarks in London 2
Skylarks in London 3
Skylarks in London 4
Skylarks in London 5
Skylarks in London 6
Skylarks in London 7
Skylarks in London 8
Skylarks in London 9
Skylarks in London 10
Skylarks in London 11
Skylarks in London 12
Skylarks in London 13
Skylarks in London 14
Skylarks in London 15
Skylarks in London 16
Skylarks in London 17
Skylarks in London 18
Skylarks in London 19
Skylarks in London 20

Dragon Geometry

This morning we were challenged to use our geometry knowledge to replicate a 2D drawing of a a dragon. Our measurements, angles and positioning had to be as accurate as possible. We were not allowed to trace! Mrs Harris and Lidbetter were impressed by our communication skills which allowed us to share our mathematical knowledge, compromise and learn from each other. 


Dragon Geometry

Dragon Geometry  1
Dragon Geometry  2
Dragon Geometry  3
Dragon Geometry  4
Dragon Geometry  5
Dragon Geometry  6
Dragon Geometry  7
Dragon Geometry  8
Dragon Geometry  9
Dragon Geometry  10
Dragon Geometry  11
Dragon Geometry  12
Dragon Geometry  13
Dragon Geometry  14

The Human Skull

The Human Skull 1
The Human Skull 2

Skylarks v Space Smugglers

Skylarks v Space Smugglers 1
Another huge thank you to Mr Stewart, Mr Whittingham and Mrs Whittingham for joining us during Science Week. 

Surgery with Mr Stewart

Surgery with Mr Stewart  1
Surgery with Mr Stewart  2
Surgery with Mr Stewart  3
Surgery with Mr Stewart  4

Investigating Acoustics with Mr Nielsen

Investigating Acoustics with Mr Nielsen 1
Investigating Acoustics with Mr Nielsen 2

Dissecting Owl Pellets with Ian Harvey

Dissecting Owl Pellets with Ian Harvey  1
Dissecting Owl Pellets with Ian Harvey  2
Dissecting Owl Pellets with Ian Harvey  3
Dissecting Owl Pellets with Ian Harvey  4
A huge thank you to Mr Harvey and Mr Nielsen for an inspiring start to Science Week. 

African Storytelling

African Storytelling 1 We used drums to create suspense.
African Storytelling 2 Some groups added African dance to their stories.
African Storytelling 3 Each story had an important moral.
African Storytelling 4 We used our communication skills to work together.
African Storytelling 5 Each story was set in Africa.
African Storytelling 6 We had to interweave important themes.
African Storytelling 7 Our school value, creativity, was in use.
African Storytelling 8 Miss Bolton enjoyed the storytelling too.
African Storytelling 9 Can you guess where this story is set?

Year 6 SATs Week

Year 6 SATs Week  1 We are so proud of their positive attitude!
Year 6 SATs Week  2 Cake with an important message.
Year 6 SATs Week  3 Focus, determination and smiling every day.
Year 6 SATs Week  4 Well done year 6!

Maths Challenge 2018

Maths Challenge 2018 1 Well done to our Maths Challenge team!
We are taking part in the 100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge – a national reading initiative from education charity Achievement for All. Beginning on World Book Day (Thursday 1st March 2018) all children and young people involved in the challenge will try to collectively read for 100 million minutes! Find out how you can help to eradicate child illiteracy and brighten futures at

PSHE & Art: Our Emotions

PSHE & Art: Our Emotions 1 We all approached this task in a different way.
PSHE & Art: Our Emotions 2 We thought about how we feel at our best and worst
PSHE & Art: Our Emotions 3 Each portrait was unique, just like us.
PSHE & Art: Our Emotions 4 Our portraits initiated some great discussion too.

Artefacts from Ancient Greece

Artefacts from Ancient Greece 1
Artefacts from Ancient Greece 2
Artefacts from Ancient Greece 3
Artefacts from Ancient Greece 4
Artefacts from Ancient Greece 5
Artefacts from Ancient Greece 6
Artefacts from Ancient Greece 7

Year 6 Information Evening

Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College

Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 1 Body Image Workshop
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 2 With the Philharmonic Orchestra
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 3 Team building and resilience with Skillsforce
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 4
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 5
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 6 Share a thought from the day!
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 7
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 8
Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at St John's College 9 Time for a class photo!

Happy New Year


The children have settled back into our class routine quickly, allowing us to make a fantastic start on our learning. In Maths the focus is on Fractions, as we apply our understanding of common factors, multiples and equivalent fractions to compare and order with accuracy. In English we are continuing to work on our narrative writing as we enhance sentence structure, punctuation use and vocabulary to write with greater fluency and impact. 


Our topic this term is, Democracy, Etymology and Philosophy. Can you guess which civilisation we are learning about? 


Our first class visit of the year will take place on Friday, when we have been invited to visit St John's College for a Year 5 and 6 Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference. The plans look fantastic and we will even be working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra during the day. Watch this space to find out about our activities in more detail next week. 


Skylark Class

Wartime Poetry

Still image for this video
A selection of the poetry written by year 5 and 6 this term.

Year 6 Poem by Phoebe

Year 6 Poem by Phoebe 1

Welcome to Skylarks!


Our topic this term is A Viking Voyage and our topic overview for this term can be found below. The children have already had a fantastic start to the term with some intriguing, disgusting and thoroughly entertaining Viking Sagas. 


In Maths we have been practising, applying and consolidating place value and number skills as we aim to enhance fluency and reasoning across the maths curriculum. A copy of this term's Learn by Hearts can also be found below. 


Mrs Stevens will be teaching the class RE and PE on Wednesday afternoons this term. A polite reminder that PE kits should be in school every day, as well as a freshly filled water bottle. 


We are all looking forward to our KS2 residential next week. Grafham Water, here we come! 


Mrs Harris

Homework Menu Autumn Term



All children now have an individual login for My Maths to complete weekly activities at home. I have encouraged the children to use the practise page as a warm up and they are also encouraged to make any jottings as they work. 


This term's Homework Menu links to our topic, school values and important events in school. Completed tasks can be presented in a form of your choice and no longer need to be recorded in a book. For example, the world religions activity for year 5 and 6 could be presented as a poster, using ICT, in the form of a song or presented orally to the class. I am looking forward to seeing the creative responses to the tasks! 


Mrs Harris


Pupil Conferencing

I had the pleasure of meeting with each child in Skylark class on a one-to-one basis on Tuesday morning. This gave me the opportunity to discuss their learning with them, focusing particularly on the many positive elements of the term so far. Together, we agreed on an English, Maths and Learning target. These targets will be shared with parents during parents evening next week.


Mythical Creatures

With a focus on non-narrative writing, the children have been researching a mythical creature of their choice this week. They have used improved note-making to plan their work and write in detailed, informative paragraphs. We are working hard to check and annotate writing with grater independence. 


Harvest Assembly 

A huge well done to the whole class for writing about harvest from a different perspective. There were lots of imaginative ideas as harvest was described from the viewpoint of farmers, birds and visitors from different continents. 


The children who were chosen to share their writing in our harvest assembly were fantastic Skylark ambassadors. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Mrs Harris

Skylarks Assembly 


We hope you can join us for the Skylark Class assembly on Friday 20th October at 2pm. The children are looking forward to telling you all about our topic, as well as sharing their Grafham adventure! 


The assembly will be followed by an opportunity to join a guided reading session in class. 


We hope you can join us! 


Mrs Harris

We Will Remember


Over the last two weeks we have been thinking about life during World War II and considering the impact and purpose of wartime poetry. Year 5 and 6 have used figurative language to write poems in the style of their choice.

In Remembrance assembly, half of the class shared their poems with the school. The remaining children have prepared their work to share with you here. We hope they have an impact on you and that together, we can prevent any future conflict. 

Welcome to Skylarks!

Hello and welcome to our brand new class page! With a newly decorated classroom, a new cohort of year 5s and lots of new learning, it's been a very exciting week in Skylark Class. I have already been so impressed by the children's enthusiasm and focus throughout the week and they have produced some wonderful pieces of work. What a great start to the year!


The first Skylark page password of the week is:



What is the significance of this number?


Tell me the password to find out more!


Take some time to explore the new website and celebrate the learning going on in Skylark Class by visiting our page each week.


Miss Bateman

The Great Fire of London 350th Aniversary

Dulce et decorum est?


In English we read Wilfred Owen's famous poem and worked together to interpret its meaning and purpose. We identified key poetic techniques and used this understanding to write our own versions.



Dulce Et Decorum Est

Mrs Lidbetter's Grandfather

Mrs Lidbetter's Grandfather 1

Family History 


Mrs Lidbetter told us about her Grandfather, Alfred Sargent, who fought during WWI. She brought in the soldiers bible that he carried with him and his cap badge. We started to think about our own family history and the real people who were involved in the war.  

Free Writing


We have got new 'Free Writing' books in Skylark Class and we have already enjoyed letting our imaginations run wild. 


Here is just a glimpse of some of our writing:


Silence. All I could hear were the deafening shots and the distorted cries of my fellow soldiers as they fell to the floor. Why did we have to go to war?

They had lied to us back home. Everyone. All they said was "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori," over and over again and now I think back, war seemed exciting...but it isn't. 

It's dangerous.

But now we are here, we must fight. All the helpless lives being lost. The ground is red,as if it is bleeding with us, as if the heavens have given up on us just, like our families have. 


By Aki 


Picture 1 By Phoebe

Stories with Suspense


This week we have continued to read, recognise and use author techniques to write stories full of suspense. Next week we will be writing our own stories and we can't wait to share them with you. 


In Maths, we have been learning to add and subtract accurately and efficiently using the formal written method and have applied this method to correctly solve word problems. 


Our tag rugby skills continue to improve and we are looking forward to getting back out on the field on Monday! 


Skylark Class

School Council Candiates


A big well done to all the children who presented their manifestos to their classes today. 


In Skylark class, I was particularly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of the candidates, as well as their courage when presenting their speeches to the rest of the class. 


Here are the candidates and the key information they would like to share with you:



I have a dream for a better school and a better environment for all children, teachers and parents at Hauxton Primary School. vote for me because I will represent the ideas of my class mates, listen to people's ideas and together we will make a better school. I will start something called 'Mad about...' which will allow children and adults who are passionate about something, to talk about it and share it in school. 



I am ten years old and have a good range of abilities to be a councillor. I am talented and have a strong voice. I am strong hearted and positive, and have many ideas which will make our school amazing. 

You should elect me as I will help our Hauxton garden become suitable for everyone. I will give the school new and improved play equipment and install new floor games. 

I will do the best I can to help our school and we can do this together!



This is a chance for us to have our voices heard about the things that we think work well, and the thing we want to change, and I would like to be your representative to do that. 

If you vote for me to represent you on the school council, I will ask the teachers to build a small fence, that we will be able to pack away, to divide the field into two halves: one half for people to play football, and the other half half for people who don't want to be involved in it. Together, we can make Hauxton Primary School the Best It Can Be!



The most important things to me are happiness and safety. My three best traits are that I am approachable, friendly and a good listener. I believe that my experience and personality will help me offer new ideas. I am very good at listening to other people's ideas and discussing them until we have a solution. 



I think I would be good as school councillor because I am honest, trustworthy and truthful. I am willing to work hard every day to make our school a better place. 



My three best traits are that I am kind, friendly, caring and fun. If you elect me as your school councillor, the most important thing that I will do is to make sure that money if spent fairly to help us in school. 



My three best traits are that I am happy to listen to ideas, I am happy to welcome new people and I like change! Together we can achieve great things. All I need is a bit of trust from you. 


After their speeches, the whole class voted for two representatives on their ballot paper. 


Tomorrow, we will find out who our class representatives are going to be, but they should all be extremely proud of their efforts today. 


Miss Bateman 

On Location in Hauxton

On Location in Hauxton 1 Skylark Film Crew at Willow Way Rec
On Location in Hauxton 2 Filming their suspense trailer

Mrs Wick's Great Uncle Bernard

Mrs Wick's Great Uncle Bernard 1 Mrs Wick told us about her family history
Mrs Wick's Great Uncle Bernard 2 We looked at her poppy from the Tower of London

On Wednesday afternoon, we shared some family history, starting with Mrs Wick who showed us a photo of her Great Uncle Bernard in World War One. On closer inspection, Aki noticed the abbreviation R.F.A which we found out stands for Royal Field Artillery. This was a clue that Mrs Wick hadn't noticed before and helped to uncover some more details about her Great Uncle Bernard during World War one. 


Jack, Max and Benji also shared some amazing stories about their ancestors during both WWI AND WWII. After half term, we will be creating a Skylark History display to share more with you. 


We hope you can join us for our class assembly tomorrow where we will give you an insight to our topic so far. 


Skylark Class

To commemorate Remembrance Day tomorrow, Year 5 and 6 have learnt about the significance of the poppy in greater detail. Using this understanding, the children worked from a design brief to design and make their own poppy for children to wear.


Working as a team, the children learnt 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae and considered the impact that WWI had on people around the world. Their topic work has also informed their narrative writing this term, and has been a stimulus for some fantastic discussion about patriotism, loyalty and honour. We continue to find out about significant family history and the the range of roles that people had during wartime. 


Tomorrow, year 5 and 6 have chosen some aspects of their learning to plan a Remembrance Day assembly for the whole school.




Our Poppies

Our Poppies 1

This weeks challenges...


Our problem solving has improved this week as we learnt to use the bar model to represent word problems. We also used our skills to answer questions and work within a time frame. To start each lesson we consolidated our shape knowledge as we sorted 2D and 3D shapes using their properties. 


As part of our topic, we learnt about different maps and how soldiers in WWI used maps. We put ourselves into the footsteps of soldiers in WWI to find our way effectively. Yesterday, we researched the importance of animals during WWI and even learnt to draw horses with Mrs Burman. It was rather tricky but we will keep practising.  


Most recently in English, we have been reading and analysing letters to determine the key features of the different types. Today we wrote letters of enquiry to Aylmerton as we prepare for next week's residential. Hopefully we will be able to write letters of thanks on our return, rather than letters of complaint.


Most of the class are going to Aylmerton next week to take part in lots of adventurous activities and enjoy new experiences. We can't wait to tell you all about it! 


Skylark Class



The end of 2016 was rather busy!

The end of 2016 was rather busy! 1 Yr 5 & 6 Careers Fair at Anglia Ruskin University
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 2 We spoke to professionals about their careers
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 3 We also visited Cambridge Central Library
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 4 The librarian read some entertaining stories to us
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 5 We visited the trenches in our classroom
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 6 We learnt about the Christmas Day Truce
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 7 We finished our WWI watercolour paintings
The end of 2016 was rather busy! 8 We practised painting techniques with Mrs Burman

Happy New Year from Skylark Class

Happy New Year from Skylark Class 1 Can you guess what our new topic is?

Year 6 Parents Information Evening


I am looking forward to seeing Year 6 and their parents at tomorrow's information evening.


Monday 23rd January

6:00 pm in Skylark Class


Miss Bateman

Terrific Scientific

Terrific Scientific 1 We coated the tongue with blue food colouring.
Terrific Scientific 2 We counted the fungiform papillae (pink bumps).
Terrific Scientific 3 We tested four times to get an average.
Terrific Scientific 4 The number told us what kind of taster we are.

Another busy week after half-term with parents evenings, Life Education sessions, 500 words deadline, our class science investigation and even more investigations in maths. 




Life Education

Life Education 1
Life Education 2
Life Education 3
Life Education 4

Pancakes, St David's Day, World Book Day Drama, 3D Shapes and Hockey


This week the children have perfected and tested their instruction writing skills as they created the perfect pancake recipe to rival their parents. Fantastic teamwork skills and careful measuring meant that every child took home a portion of pancake batter to use at home, each labeled with their own pancake pun. You batter believe that they were impressive, although some of them did fall a bit flat!


With a welsh teacher and Headteacher, the children couldn't get away with St David's Day passing by. I was very impressed with some of their knowledge in our class quiz, although they all need to try laverbread next time they're in Wales. 


To celebrate World Book Day, we were joined by Premier Education who immersed the children in the world of the Borrowers through physical theatre, mime and improvisation. 


It was all about 3D shapes in Maths as the children used a range of equipment to build and describe their shapes with accurate terminology. 


Finally, the new hockey sticks got their first use as year 5 and 6 began to develop their control of the ball. This was also a great opportUnity to practise our times tables and division facts. 

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday 1
Shrove Tuesday 2
Shrove Tuesday 3

Shakespeare Week Competition Time

Royal Leopards of Benin

Welcome to the Summer Term


This week we have started our new class topic, 'O Canada' with a persuasive afternoon of presentations, as the children worked to convince me that this is the topic we should be doing. Miss Reed, a student at Homerton, will be working with us until June as she completes her PGCE year. 


For this week's homework, please ensure that all activities have been completed on, as well as practising the spellings for next week. Children also need to ensure that they are completing the activities in their reading record, as well as the comments about what they are reading at home. 


As always, we have so much to look forward to this term with lots of topic fun, swimming galas, Science Week and much more. 


Miss Bateman


Summer Term Topic Overview

Science Week

Science Week  1
Science Week  2
Science Week  3

As part of Science Week, we welcomed two visitors to our classroom this week. On Tuesday we started our week with Mr Bream, thinking about the extraordinary developments in material science since the Stone Age. We thought in more detail about how engineers, designers and manufacturers choose specific materials for a purpose; we also learnt about the materials used for satellites and the properties that ensure they survive and work in space. Mr Bream showed us the amazing material selection software that he uses and even left us with some materials top-trumps to use in class. 


Our second visitor was Mr Stewart, who gave us a thought-provoking insight to the world of surgery and the human body. We watched a video of key-hole surgery and then had a rare opportunity to have a go ourselves with a special training device. We used operating tools to manoeuvre polos inside the box using only a video image as our guidance. The session left us thinking about how amazing the human body is and the incredible operations that take place and save lives every day. 


A huge thank you to both of our visitors for inspiring us all!

Walk to School Week

First Aid Training

First Aid Training 1
First Aid Training 2
First Aid Training 3
First Aid Training 4
First Aid Training 5
First Aid Training 6