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Year 3

Week 13


This week in English you will be writing jokes, creating strange characters and stories, describing mythical creatures and generally having a bit of fun with language. I look forward to all the work I receive!


For the Silly Characters activity, it's helpful to have someone else available to do it with - if there is nobody available to do it with you, wait until mum or dad has finished their work or skip it for the day and read a book instead. 


In maths, you're finishing off capacity and moving onto pictograms and bar charts before your final maths challenge of the year. 


Well done all of you for carrying on and making it to the end of the year. You've all be fantastic!





Mrs Parks-Connolly

Spelling: Once you've got 10/10 out of order twice in a row, move onto the next planet. Practise using your spelling journal activities.

Week 12


This week we're working with Anthony Browne's "Night of the Shimmy" and "Silly Billy", which are both beautiful picture books. 


In maths, White Rose just move on from that one single lesson on time which I think is a massive crime, so I've edited some time work from Twinkl for you - go through the powerpoint!!  And then choose which worksheet you'd like to do; there are three challenge levels. 


After that, we're looking into mass (weight) and capacity (how much liquid does it hold?).

Week 10


We're continuing with line drawing and shape before starting on telling the time on Thursday. 


Monday's maths lesson is a bit tricky to turn into a .pdf as it is describing to you how to draw lines accurately. I don't think you'd appreciate having a block of text on each slide so I have not made one for Monday's. The link to the learning is there as usual. 


Please make sure you use a ruler on Monday!  The lesson is all about drawing lines accurately and drawing shapes to specific measurements. A vital skill to practise and much better done with a ruler. 


If you'd like to borrow one from the school because you don't have one at home, let me know and I can arrange for you to collect one.


In English we're carrying on with the birdy theme through some more stories. I hope you enjoy them. I hadn't heard the Queen of the Birds before!

Week 9


You all worked really hard last week, well done!


Great news: we're moving into shape!!  So maths should be a bit easier this week. laughyes   Was that a collective sigh of relief I heard?


This week you're looking at angles and what types there are and ways we can describe lines! It's more of a vocab week.


I hope you enjoy English this week as well. I've got say, I'vebeen super impressed by some of the writing going on at home! I know it's not the same as when I do it with you in class, but you've been producing some lovely poems and descriptions and showing interest in the topics, which makes me really happy! blush



Have a great week!

Week 8


I don't know about all of you, but that rain made the week feel incredibly long and difficult. By Thursday, I was thoroughly fed up! But I kept being the best I can be, and I'm sure you all did too! smiley  


This week in maths I thought that, rather than revisit adding and subtracting fractions, we'd continue with the measure work we started last week. We're adding/subtracting lengths and we're solving problems and we're measuring perimeters of shapes. 


Lots of you found the Friday challenge a bit of a slog last week, which I completely understand! I didn't see it until Friday morning and thought, "oh my word that worksheet is not how I'd do it!"


Unfortunately, we don't find out what it's going to be until the evening before. I'll have a spare set of challenges available so that you can choose which one you want to do this week. 


We learn from our mistakes in Kestrels class! wink


Lots of you found the work around Mary of Exeter really interesting! I'm happy to let you know that this week continues with the theme of pigeon racing. Monday's is about the King of Rome, who raced from Rome to Derby in 1913.  He set a new long distance record for his rearer, Charlie Hudson. 


Have a great week!


If you don't like the BBC challenge this week:

Week 7


Well, what a rude end to our warm weather! I know my plants needed the rain but I'm not appreciating the cold wind! 


We had a lightning storm last night (Saturday) - did any of you? 


This week in maths, we're revising measure.  When you do Monday's in-video activity, please remember to tidy up after yourselves! Don't upset your parents by leaving your 15cm objects everywhere!!




Week 6


Welcome back!


I've uploaded the new afternoon activities for you and included a new unit of Music for you to complete. 


Maths is going to be a bit different because we've reached the end of the work that White Rose has prepared for us this summer! Hopefully they'll do videos for their shape block, because that would be a really nice way to round our maths off this year. 

We are going to be revising calculation, using videos support that they did in the Autumn.  I've put a link to the videos individually for each day and turned them into pdf if you can't get Vimeo to play.


Keep up the great work, year 3!


Week 5


We're almost there - half term is on the horizon! You've all been doing such a great job.  Just think, if things were a bit normal right now, you'd all be tired and grumpy and getting fed up with me and each other....! I miss it, don't you?  

At least the weather will be more reliably pleasant now that we're in the last stretch of May with the lovely June approaching.

Keep going for just 5 more days. Be patient with your brothers and sister and with your parents.  Everybody is trying their best!


Remember, if you're finding any work tricky, just send me an email letting me know where you're stuck and I'll get back to you with some help.  I'm in school this week, so a video is tricky, but if that's what it takes, I'm sure one of the children I'm helping in school won't mind helping me for 5 minutes!


If you're finding it hard not seeing your friends, ask mum or dad to arrange a phone call.  Hearing a friend's voice over the phone is scientifically proven to improve your mood.  


Let's make this week a happy one! 




Week 4


I hope you've returned fresh and rested after this glorious Bank Holiday weekend! I had a lovely time catching up with friends (virtually), going for walks (physically) and playing a new game which is possibly the most beautiful and chill game since Animal Crossing was invented. (Literally)


This week for maths, year 3, we're skipping Summer Term week 2, because I think you are ok at adding and subtracting fractions within a whole. We did that to death before Easter.  This week we're starting with Summer Term Week 3, which is converting pounds and pence.


Just remember that money and fractions are linked. They are! And next year you'll find that it's linked to all decimal numbers ever, so this will help you as you move through the school. 


I hope you enjoy this week. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work!

Hello year 3!


I want to say well done with the work you've been doing so far this week. I've had some lovely emails.


Monday's maths was quite tricky for a lot of you! So if you were feeling like it was just you - don't worry, it wasn't


One of you got in touch quite quickly and I whipped together a video explaining the mathematical side of things and talking you through. I've edited it to the main teaching, so that you can have a video to refer to. It might just help make things click.


You can find the video here:



Keep on going! Enjoy the sunshine when you can! I miss you all and I hope to see you soon. 

Week 3


We are half way through this half term. Bizarre.


Just remember, you've NOT missed months school. It's only been 15 days school days, as of last Friday. It just feels a lot longer because we had two weeks of Easter break in the middle. 



This week it is a bank holiday on Friday, but I've put work up for Friday anyway, for those who want something to do and I will be checking my email throughout the day.


Let's get another great week of learning done!

Week 2 Home Learning

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


This week you're doing "week 2" of the White Rose maths, not the summer term one yet!  I think last week has really helped secure those fractions and decimals for you so I'd like to do the follow up work with it too.


Some of you asked if it was ok to do PE on the same day as your brother or sister - that is fine! Whatever works for you. If you want to move your PE and PE/Music afternoons to match another class, I have no problem with that.


Just make sure you're doing a variety of other activities as well - not just Scratch! wink


I'd like to see some more history, geography and science going on!


At the top of the page with the book links, I've added a link to a teacher scientist who's been doing science activities for you all, so do have a look with your parents, to see what else you could get up to. 


I look forward to seeing how you all get on.  I'm in school this week, but I will do my best to help you via email, as usual.

Week 1 -  20th April - 24th April

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays: Choose one of the tasks from the afternoon menu


Wednesdays: We normally do PE so please choose a PE activity from the menu


Thursdays: We normally do PE and Music so please complete a PE activity from the menu and a Charanga music task.