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Year 4

Week 12/13 



I've no idea what week we're on anymore. Year 3 seem to be on week 13. On one page or other I've skipped or did a week number twice. Nobody's noticed. Time is a social construct anyway! 


So this week in maths you're doing symmetry and plotting points on coordinates. Easy peasy. A gentle end to the term.  I do recommend printing off the work. If any of you require the worksheets printed, let me know and it shall be done! I am like your maths worksheet geni. angel


For English you're playing with language writing jokes, describing dragons, creating silly characters and stories, solving crosswords. A bunch of fun things to do each day.



For the Silly Characters activity, it's helpful to have someone else available to do it with - if there is nobody available to do it with you, wait until mum or dad has finished their work or skip it for the day and read a book instead. 


Well done all of you for clinging on to the end of term. It's been a very different year but you've risen to the challenge!



Mrs Parks-Connolly

Week 11


Well done all of you who had a go at everything last week.  One or two of you weren't too keen on exploring frustration through poetry with your toys, so you were very creative and wrote your poems about the weather or your chairs.  Some of you did a good job of following the poem structure and thinking of ways that those objects might frustrate you.  One of you wrote about how the chair sometimes fights back by putting a foot on your foot as you sit down! 


This week in English we're looking at 'The Night Shimmy' and 'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne (who wrote 'Gorilla') all week. These are beautiful picture books that deal with worries and exploring things people might worry about.


In Maths we're revisiting Angles and and beginning 2D shapes - so you'll be fully on point after doing angles the other week!



Week 10



In maths this week we're starting work on Data Handling and Statistics! I love teaching this - I really wish we could be doing it in person! Getting year 4s to draw beautiful line graphs is always hard work but so rewarding. I've not had a year yet that hasn't ended up really enjoying it.  Also pictograms always look ridiculous, as you'll see in Monday's lesson slides/video!!


These videos are quite good and should be supportive for your learning / revision.



Have a good week!

Week 9


I hope you managed to get some Olympics activities done in and around the rain! Some of you got really creative when it was too wet to do the physical activities.


This week we're working on a mixture of maths skills - revisiting some times tables and number facts and working on coordinates. The work is a bit more like the English: There's a selection of activities and instructions for each one, with reminder pages to help you.  On Wednesday there is a powerpoint with a really useful set of voice recordings so if you can work those, I recommend doing that. If it doesn't work, I have transcribed the important bits in the pdf version.


I hope you enjoy these - year 3's white rose stuff is moving to new, non-fraction territory, so hopefully we can get back to the mix of video and worksheet soon! 


These will certainly make you think differently!


Week 8


I don't know about the rest of you, but all that rain made the week feel really difficult! I was fed up by Thursday - but I kept being the best I can be, and I'm sure all of you did as well. smiley


This week is a bit different for two reasons: 
    One: the fantastic year 4 Olympics resources - you could eke them out over the week, or dedicate an entire afternoon to it, if you like. 

    Two: We have totally caught up to White Rose maths for now! They're repeating some weeks from before Easter and have offered some Autumn term maths as an alternative. ALL of you are good at addition and subtraction, and I felt that would be a waste of your time. 


So I've been looking for some shape work we can do in the meantime this week, using various websites and editing powerpoints and all that.  You need to be good at recognising and discussing the properties of shapes and identifying triangles as well as all the calculation stuff.  Plus, who doesn't enjoy shape work?  You may find it easier, you might find it harder. There are main activities and then some challenges for you afterwards, which I would love all of you to try, as it's the sort of thing we'd be doing in class, too!


There are no maths videos this week, but I think the powerpoints will be enough to help you.  If not, do let me know and I'll see what I can do to help.


I've put your English for each day with the maths of that day, because there're so many files (especially Thursday) that there was a lot of scrolling to do!


Have a great week!


Year 4 Mini Olympics @ Home!


Week 7


Well. What a rude ending to our lovely warm weather!  My plants thank the rain but I am not appreciating the cold wind! I've put my winter clothes away and so now I'm just freezing when I go out. Uncool. 


Maths this week is a revisit of adding and subtracting fractions, before moving onto dividing by multiples of 10 next week.


Some of it will be familiar because it's what we were doing in March before we were interrupted.  Hopefully this will plug the gaps I tried to fill the first two weeks we were off before Easter. enlightened

Isn't it a funny coincidence that I get advertised father's day cards with this design, given the poem we've worked with this week about the dad catching the spider?


I shall upload the activities next week - they look fab!

Week 6


Welcome back!


Please find all your work below as usual.


For maths this week, we're looking at "Summer Term week 4 (w/c 11th May)", which is mostly about Perimeter and Area of rectilinear shapes.  Easy peasy. You could do it with your eyes closed!


....except maybe not, because some of it is problem solving.


Anyway! There's a new afternoon menu available and I've updated Charanga Music so that you can do the last unit.  Try not to do all of it at once!



Mrs Parks-Connolly

Week 5


We're almost there - half term is on the horizon! You've all been doing such a great job.  Just think, if things were a bit normal right now, you'd all be tired and grumpy and getting fed up with me and each other....! I miss it, don't you?  

At least the weather will be more reliably pleasant now that we're in the last stretch of May with the lovely June approaching.

Keep going for just 5 more days. Be patient with your brothers and sister and with your parents.  Everybody is trying their best!


Remember, if you're finding any work tricky, just send me an email letting me know where you're stuck and I'll get back to you with some help.  I'm in school this week, so a video is tricky, but if that's what it takes, I'm sure one of the children I'm helping in school won't mind helping me for 5 minutes!


If you're finding it hard not seeing your friends, ask mum or dad to arrange a phone call.  Hearing a friend's voice over the phone is scientifically proven to improve your mood.  


Let's make this week a happy one! 

Week 4



I hope you've returned fresh and rested after this glorious Bank Holiday weekend! I had a lovely time catching up with friends (virtually), going for walks (physically) and playing a new game which is possibly the most beautiful and chill game since Animal Crossing was invented. (Literally)


This week for maths we're moving onto Summer Term week 2, which is rounding decimals, which is great because a few of you need practice rounding to the nearest whole number.  You'll soon find that it's no different to rounding to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand. yes


I hope you enjoy this week. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work!

Week 3

We are half way through this half term. Bizarre.


Just remember, you've NOT missed months school. It's only been 15 days school days, as of last Friday. It just feels a lot longer because we had two weeks of Easter break in the middle. 



This week it is a bank holiday on Friday, but I've put work up for Friday anyway, for those who want something to do and I will be checking my email throughout the day.


Let's get another great week of learning done!


Week 2 Home Learning

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


This week you're doing "week 2" of the White Rose maths, not the summer term one yet!  I think last week has really helped secure those fractions and decimals for you so I'd like to do the follow up work with it too.


Some of you asked if it was ok to do PE on the same day as your brother or sister - that is fine! Whatever works for you. If you want to move your PE and PE/Music afternoons to match another class, I have no problem with that.


Just make sure you're doing a variety of other activities as well - not just Scratch! wink


I'd like to see some more history, geography and science going on! 


At the top of the page with the book links, I've added a link to a teacher scientist who's been doing science activities for you all, so do have a look with your parents, to see what else you could get up to. 


I look forward to seeing how you all get on.  I'm in school this week, but I will do my best to help you via email, as usual.

Week 1 -  20th April - 24th April

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays: Choose one of the tasks from the afternoon menu


Wednesdays: We normally do PE so please choose a PE activity from the menu


Thursdays: We normally do PE and Music so please complete a PE activity from the menu and a Charanga music task.