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Here is a little synopsis of Monday:


We arrived all well and eager to see what Fairplay House has to offer. We were welcomed in by Pete, who talked us through what we are doing, what the expectations are and how the days will run. We then had a yummy lunch of buffet food, followed by amazing cookies before heading out for our first activities.

Group 1 had a great time working on their survival skills, including cooking pancakes!

Group 2 were incredibly brave on the high ropes, with everyone giving it a go!

Group 3 and 4 had a fantastic time orienteering in James Cooke's wood, discovering lots of clues and a bit of history.

Once we were back, it was time to make the beds. We all gave it a good go and eventually (with some assistance) they were all made. 

In the evening, after a dinner of fish/veggie fingers and chips, we were dropped off in groups to walk back to Fairplay House. We enjoyed working as a team to navigate back and loved using the walkie-talkie to communicate where we were. Luckily, we all made it back before dark. 


With a day full of walking and activities, we headed to bed - it didn't take us too long to fall asleep!


Speak to you soon,


The Residential Crew